John Lennon Goal Achievement Tip

John Lennon Goal Achievement TipDecember 8th 2011 sees 31 years since John Lennon was killed. Lots written about him, both from a personal and music perspective, but my take on the subject of Lennon today is a goal achievement one…

Personally I’ve read and seen lots over the years that he wasn’t exactly the saint that some people portray him to be, and musically he wrote some stuff I like and some stuff I don’t.

I always find it strange when people are so dogmatic about something as subjective as music – die hard fans of certain artists, not just Lennon, seem to think that if you are in the ‘like’ camp, you have to like everything they ever did. Why does it seem so outrageous to say you like some but not all?

Anyway, I was slightly off on a tangent there, about having your own opinion, but let me get back to the goal achievement nugget…

In the early days, the Beatles played for hours and hours and hours, in sweaty little clubs, with nobody really paying attention. That kind of hard work is often overlooked in their story, but it’s a key factor in success – it may sound obvious, but so many people want the end result of the goal, but aren’t prepared to put in the effort.

Not only did playing for so many hours get the band tight and skilled in what they did, it also got them to build up a big range of musical influences as they learnt so many songs.

After a while it occurred to Lennon and McCartney that they might as well start coming up with their own stuff, to stretch out the shows. So, that’s what they did!

People decry the cover band nowadays, but it’s how The Beatles got started, and it was the result of them starting that, that led to them being in a position to need more songs, which led to them starting to write, which led to, well, you know the rest – musical world domination!

Starting out on a goal may lead to a change along the way, as the unexpected comes into play. True, the unexpected might not be good, but, oh blimey, it may take you places you had never dreamt of.

You may be a Lennon fan, you may not, but if thinking about him leads you anywhere, let it prompt you to set out on a goal, to step into a new adventure, and see where it takes you!

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