My Big 2015 Failure, And Why It’s Good For Your 2016!

You may be wondering why someone who writes about positivity would talk of a big failure, and it’s a reasonable question. Well, let’s get right into the failure


"Gordon Bryan" "The Great Gordino"


In 2014 I watched the football World Cup. I love sport, and have been watching the World Cup since 1974. Yes, as old as that make me sound, I’ll repeat that – since 1974!


I distinctly remember telling my father to shut up during the final because I couldn’t hear. I also distinctly remember that didn’t go to down too well…


I’ve been watching the Olympics since 1976, when we all saw Alberto Juantareno open his legs and really show us his class…


Nowadays I watch as much coverage of these events as I can. My eyes are normally square eyed enough from the amount of sport I watch on TV, but during these events, the 2 biggest on the planet, my eyes get positively rectangular!


So for me to watch a lot of the 2014 World Cup is nothing new. I put everything else to the backburner – no performing, no comedy, no music, it’s all about as much sport as I can get in.


What *was* new in 2014 though, was when someone told me they had never realised it was such a passion, that since I put my other passions on the shelf for it, sport must be my biggest passion?


Hmm, I had *never* thought of it like that! I knew I always liked sport, and have been writing about it for years, but never actually considered it my top passion.


I was amazed by the idea that this was news to myself – staggered in fact. It didn’t take me long though, to wonder if I shouldn’t maybe do something about it.


So, I looked at my passion for writing and my passion for sport, and thought of the combination of sports broadcasting! This was in late summer 2014, and I looked at University courses.


I found one in Southampton on the south coast of Britain, offering a great looking course, with good alumni employment record. I applied as a mature student, and got offered a place on the basis of my life experience, my CV, my personal statement and, for some reason, the exams I took back when I was 18!!


The only problem? It was so late in the year, the course started in 3 weeks, and it meant uprooting hundreds of miles, and financing myself to go and live with a load of spotty teenagers for 3 years.


Now, I like an adventure as much as the next person (if you read my book Transform Your Life in 21 Days you’ll know what I mean) but this was just a bit too much of a leap to get everything done.


I had also found a 1 year course in Wimbledon at a working sports news agency, and although they had filled their last place only a few days before, I thought that I could wait a year, do the 1 year course and *still* be finished a year earlier than the university course, so that’s the decision I made.

    Still with me? Curious to know what happened, and why it’s relevant to your 2016..?


Well, in the spring of 2015 I had to go to an assessment day at the Wimbledon agency. They told me I’d have a sight unseen 90 minute exam to test my knowledge and writing, combined with a 1 hour interview.


Bring it on! I knew I could cope with that, and was looking forward to it. The interview went well, I was able to put across my case as an old student very well.


The exam was no problem, in fact I quite enjoyed it – I knew I had done a good job.
I had to wait for the results to come, and when I got the email, they told me my exam had been very impressive, and that my interview had been very impressive.


They weren’t going to offer me a place though.


Hang on, what? What the actual what now? That’s right, they weren’t going to offer me a place! They felt that the fact I had no work experience in the field was a problem. I did ask them why it was a problem, since most of the students were 18 year olds straight from school, but it made no difference – no place.




The one thing I hadn’t counted on when turning down the university place, was *not* getting into the 1 year course in 2015. I must admit I did let out the odd swear word to myself that day.


So, what failure eh! What a laughing stock, a loser, a bozo, a toss-, hang on, wait a minute – a failure? No.


Actually, up to that point it had been yet another example of me practising what I preach about goal achievement strategy! Did it work out as I had planned? No, but that’s part and parcel of setting out to try – *not* setting out to try would have been the failure.


How is this relevant to you and your 2016..?


Well, since that adventure was shut off to me, I was looking around to think of another one to set out on, and I decided to do something I had toyed with before.


That’s to combine my enjoyment of writing with my passion for motivating others to follow their own passion, to free their lives, to *transform* their lives.


So, I came up with my coaching programme, ‘Transform Your Life Now!’ and this is where it could be good for your 2016!


In the membership, each week we will look together at one of the key areas in your life – career, lifestyle, relationships, health, finance. Then we’ll look at your goals and motivations, and set tasks for you to complete. You’ll be accountable for the tasks, to me yes, but via me to *yourself*. There’s also a group for members to provide support and encouragement.


You also get a copy of my book and coaching from me about what I’ve learnt since I was 18 from the leaders in the personal development field, right up to the leading lights of today.


There’s no forced continuation, you can cancel at anytime.


Go and take a little peek:
Gordon Bryan’s Transform Your Life Now Coaching Membership!


I’ll be honest, I’m excited about it. Very excited. It means a lot to me, and I know it will mean a lot to anyone who hops onboard. If you have things in your life that you feel are stuck, that you’d like to change, then you reading this could be the moment to do something about it.


You could make 2016 the year when everything changed, make 2016 the year to look back on and pinpoint as the one that started things moving, and believe me it will if you join up to my coaching membership.


It’s new for me, so I’ll be learning as I go along, mistakes included, and that’s reflected in the (er, low) price.


I hope you found my big 2015 failure an interesting story, and hopefully can sense my excitement, and feel it yourself, about what it could mean for *your* 2016!


Why don’t you go and take a peek:
Gordon Bryan’s Transform Your Life Now Coaching Membership


I’d love to hear what you think, as ever!

Remember, make the decision, take the action – it can transform your life.


‘Til Next Time,

Health & happiness,


P.S. If you go and take a look at the programme, (remember you can join and leave at any time) you’ll also get a chance to grab my 8 step goal achievement formula:

Gordon’s Transform Your Life Now Coaching

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