NFL Moment Of The Week 2014 – Week 6

Well, this week it was a decision between one moment, or one game result.
I guess a game result doesn’t really count, but it’s always notable when there’s a tie (or draw as we call it here in the UK!), because so much is tried to avoid it! The tie happened in the Panthers/Bengals game.

It’s a long held generalisation that Americans hate any sport which can have a tied result, the view being ‘what’s the point in that if there’s no winner?’

It could be argued that the NFL is designed to always have a winner – nothing wrong with that, one of the reasons I love the NFL is the way the sport is designed.

My view though is that there’s nothing wrong with a tie – both teams had the chance to win, both in regular time and in overtime, and if neither team were capable of doing it, then the tie is the genuine result, isn’t it?

Also, as it happens, the tie could end up being a good tie *breaker* between teams at the end of the season, so despite the calls for yet another rule change to stop ties, I think they should be embraced and celebrated, part of the unpredicability of sport!

Ok, since I said a game result couldn’t really count as a ‘moment’, my moment of the week is something else that should be celebrated more – the onside kick…

The onside kick is normally only attempted when the team trying it is so far behind, and short of time. The trouble with that, is that the opposing team knows it’s coming. It’s a much better tactic when used unexpectedly, and the one carried out by the Indianapolis Colts’ kicker Pat McAfee was pretty much perfect.

The kick has to go 10 yards before it can be touched. Not only did McAfee kick it so that it only just went the 10 yards, it went so slowy and right up the middle of the pitch, that he was able to outrun his own kick, meaning he was waiting to drop on it as soon as it crossed the 10 yard mark.

Brilliant, impossible for opponents to do anything about, and well deserving of moment of the week!

Let me know what you think, and I’ll see you next week! (I’m already pretty sure of my moments for week 7 and week 8 even though they haven’t happened yet!)

‘Til Next Time,
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  • Hey Gordon the Great,

    I bet “the tie” is a controversial discussion in sports! Up here in Canada, our hockey games go into overtime – sometimes even double and triple – because we have to have a winner.

    Maybe a tie is necessary in some cases….after all, the teams can’t share a Stanley Cup! Or can they….. πŸ™‚

    This is the first time I’ve ever commented on a sports blog. I love watching baseball in person, and on tv too, but other than that I’m not a sports fan. It’s awesome that some people are so passionate about sports, though!

    All good things,

    • I’m so used to draws in football it seems natural, but I know it’s pretty much loathed in the NFL!
      I certainly am passionate about sport, and my sport of choice for playing is curling – hardly known at all in England, big in Scotland, *massive* with you lot in Canada! πŸ˜‰

  • Have never seen a NFL match before and never really known how it’s being played. I might now after you introduced’ ;p Correct me if I am wrong, did McAfee just tricked the opponents? That’s how I saw it. Nonetheless, it was a neccessary and brilliant move. On the other hand, this might have set a precedent and when apply again in the team or othets, opponents would be prepared. Having said that, just wonder, are defence strategies by opponents possible here given the short distance, 10yards???

    • Normally, because that kick is only done when the team is desperate, and it’s normally kicked to the side, the oppponents are ready, and it’s basically random luck as to which player from either team lands on the ball first. This time, however, it was not necessary by the team, so unexpected. It was also kicked up the middle, again unexpected.
      Even so, an opposing team player nearly got there first! I do think that we might end up seeing this play more often, because it was a near perfect execution, and gained what is almost the most important thing in NFL – posession!
      Cheers, Gordon