NFL Moment Of The Week – Playoffs Week 3

This week had loads of moments to offer, with only two games being played..!

In the Green Bay/Seattle game, we had a superb special teams trick play, which is something I’ve written about this season. It was a cracking playoff game, unfortunately ruined for me by the presenter we have here.

I only get to see highlights of the playoffs, unlike a live game during the season. After the first half of this game, with Seattle looking down and out on the scoreboard, the presenter said ‘it looked along shot, but you might want to stick around for the second half’

Well blimey, that told me that they *did* come back – he might as well have told me the score!

Sure enough, after saying it again before showing the second half, I watched it knowing that Seattle were about to do the comeback. I wasn’t happy!

In the other game, there was a superb toe drag, something else I’ve written about this year, and the Patriots winning, but not without yet more controversy – this time about the balls!

The away team are allowed to bring their own balls to use, and Tom Brady likes them as soft as possible, so they inflate them to the lowest allowed level. They are checked and good to go. At halftime, they were checked again, and 11 out of 12 had fallen to below the minimum.

Unlikely to have really changed the result, it could still means problems for the Patriots in terms of punishment, but what it does is confirm that they will do naything they can to increase any advantage, and will sail as close to the edge as they can, stepping over it, it seems again.

Legacy spoiled? Maybe, maybe not, I guess that’s down to any individual’s opinion about what should happen in the business of sport!

Speaking of sports business, it’s unlikely I’ll be going to any of the London games in 2015. The team match ups didn’t really appeal, only Miami/New York was one I would go to see.

When the tickets went on sale, it was only to buy a ‘season’ ticket for all 3 games, at £108, not a bad price. However, people were buying all 3, only to sell them for the individual games on reseller sites, for £118 for each ticket!

With single game tickets not officially on sale, it was cheaper for me to buy a season ticket officially than buy a single ticket via a reseller!

This week, the single game tickets went on sale, and yep, Miami/New York sold out as soon as they were ‘available’. Of course they never were available, they had been bought up by the resellers! I emailes the NFL to see what they said. No response, which is what I expected. They don’t care, they know it happens, but don’t care becauuse the game shows as a sell out, and hey, it’s all about the business right? Ask the Patriots!

I’ll still be enjoying the Superbowl live though, stocking up on the treats and seeing how Adele Dazeem gets on with the Star Spangled Banner!

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