NFL Moment Of The Week – Week 10

"Brock Osweiler"This week I was going to pick one of 3 great plays on the pitch, but they have been overtaken by 1 great moment ‘nearly’ on the pitch…

This picture shows Brock Osweiler. He’s not one of the highest profile players in the NFL, and he doesn’t get much game time.

That’s because he’s the back up quarterback to Peyton Manning at Denver. Manning is a legend in the game, and whereas it’s normal for the starter to be rested when the team are miles ahead, it’s well known that Manning doesn’t like to be taken out.

If Manning wants to stay in, his status in the game means he stays in! Unfortunately for Osweiler, who will understand this, there was a mix up in communication against Oakland…

Denever were miles ahead, and Osweiler thought he was going to get some game time. He runs to get his helmet, with a smile on his face, but when he turns round he sees that Manning has already trotted out onto the pitch.

Hopefull you’ll be able to see this video on the NFL site.

Poor old Brock – the smile drops from his face and he throws his hand up in despair.

He did get some plays in the final quarter though, and was able to laugh off the incident afterwards.

The 3 plays I was going to choose between? Well, they all came in the grudge match between Chicago and Green Bay –
1. A punt which was blocked by an opponent kicking it even before the punter had kicked it.
2. Randall Cobb making a glorious one hand stretch diving catch in the endzone for a touchdown. Superb athleticism.
2. Brandon Marshall making effort and stretching reach to score a touchdown even though Chicago were well out of the game. Great fighting spirit which seemed to be noticeably lacking from some of his team mates.

Yes, 3 great moments on the field, but they have been beaten for my moment of the week by poor old Brock Osweiler’s ‘nearly’ moment!

Let me know what you think.
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  • Hey Gordon,
    What surprised me was just how lopsided this game was between the Packers and Bears. Being a division game, teams normally play each other aggressively – but that didn’t happen in this game. The Chicago Bears look like they have no direction or leadership on that team, both offensively and defensively, too bad!

    • oh, they were horrendous.
      Something’s definitely not right at that club – I suspect they’ll be under a new coach sooner rather than later…

  • Interestingly, I read much about this NFL games (only) through your blig and I guess I intend to keep it that way, for now 😀 Lol

    Poor guy…trust he must be in great disappointment and frustration. It’s the sane amount of time n efforts being put in during training but someone else just either got more talent or pure luck.. As we discussed before, it takes immense passion to stay in the sport, more so if you are (only) a back-up!!

    • Hi Sandy,
      I think everyone could feel for him! He was able to laugh about it afterwards though, and if you’re the back up to on eof the legends of the game, that’s the way it goes! You make a good popint about practice though – he’s there for a reason, if Manning gets injured Brock is expected to step in at a moment’s notice, and be ready, in one of the biggest sports in the world!

  • Osweiler did get to go in after one more play by Manning. I did not quite understand the hubba over the “misunderstanding.” Osweiler’s position means he needs to be ready to go in on cue. Perhaps some branding is happening for when Manning “retires”?

    I was thrown off guard a bit when you said, “on the pitch…”. the NFL has a field, goal(s) and yards; but not a “pitch”.

    We actually started to watch this game but turned it off after the first few plays. It just was not exciting enough to keep watching when you knew how the game was going to end.

    • I think it got so much attention because of the way he was smiling all excited to go in, then threw his hands up when he saw what we had all seen, that Manning was already on his way to the middle. I know it made me smile, and since Brock was laughing about it afterwards, it’s all good 😉
      Funnily enough, when I went to the NFL London game, they had film snippets during stoppages asking various players if they understood ‘British’ phrases/words, and one of them was ‘the pitch’!
      We do use ‘field’, but pitch is more common, also a lot of pundits in soccer use ‘the park’ 😉