NFL Moment Of The Week – Week 12

"Odell Beckham"This week I had no trouble picking the moment, but befor I get to it, just a quick comment about last week’s…

Last week I featured an amazing performance by Jonas Gray for the New England Patriots, but this week he didn’t even play.

In the post last week I talked about coach Bill Belichick and his mantra of ‘just do your job’. Well, during the week, Gray turned up late for a team meeting. If you do that with Belichick as your coach, you’re off the team. It doesn’t matter how outstanding you were the previous week, you won’t be playing.

Ok, for this week, as I said it was an easy choice.

Odell Beckham Jr’s catch for New York Giants.

I was watching the game, and after Beckham made a fine two handed diving catch, the commentators showed a snippet of him matching amazing catches in warm up, set to music. Here it is:

Great catches, but not the kind you make in an actual game.
Well, a few minutes later, he made just such a catch in the actual game!
Here it is:

Amazing. Obviously something he was capable of doing, because he’d shown it in the warm up, but oh what a catch! Many people saying it’s the ‘best ever’ in the NFL. Now, that’s a subjective view obviously, but I know I was smiling when I saw it!

No trouble in selecting it as my moment of the week!
Ok, that’s it for this week – do let me know what you think!

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  • I still remember the John Stallworth, Lynn Swan & Jerry Rice days (all top NFL air acrobats). Odell Beckham’s 3-finger catch in mid-air was spectacular. Too bad the Giants still lost to the Cowboys!!!

    • I remember seeing Jerry Rice in his heyday when the NFL first came over to Britain’s TV. Not the others though.
      It seems this year that every team that marches down the field and scores early goes on to lose! I’m sure Beckham is saying the catch didn’t mean anything if the team lost, I bet inside he’s purring at the attention! (his agent’s probably purring too ;-))

  • Interesting. What a catch, indeed spectacular. I was inpressed by how far back he had stretched himself to catch it. What more interesting for me was that after his success, he did not go into what we usually see after a great football goal where player went ecstatic about the victory, but instead walked around to confirmed and ‘telling’ the crowd of the great job he just did, and jumped to welcoming members when they approached! Neither were they over enthused abour it too… It was kind of awkard I feel. Perhaps it’s simply because it was different from what i had been conditioned to expect??!!! Hmmm….. food for thought…. 🙂

    • There is one school of thought in the NFL, that says after you score in the endzone, you should act ‘like you’ve been there before’. I did note his celebration, and it was indeed more of ‘that’s what I can do’ type of show. Little did he know that the viewers on tv had just seen his warm up catches, so we knew what he was talking about! I think his team mates were enjoying the moment as much as he was.
      Very different to football celebrations, oh yes 😉