NFL Moment Of The Week – Week 13

"Calvin Johnson"Another choice to be made this week…

Thanksgiving in the US is marked in many traditional ways, and one of those ways is to have lots of football, with the Detroit Lions taking centre stage.

During the Lions game this week, Calvin Johnson passed the 10,000 yard mark in his career. In a tough position in a brutal sport, you only hit that kind of landmark with a certain skillset and physicality.

Johnson happens to be built in a certain way which allows him to dominate opponents in his position, and allows him to be a ‘get out’ option for the team – just throw the ball up and let Calvin go and get it. He normally does!

Megatron, as he’s nicknamed is a big star in the game, and I was thrilled to be able to see him play in London earlier this year…

Except I didn’t, because although I was there, and so was he, he was injured so didn’t play. Bugger!

"Colquitt Brothers"
The other moment I thought about picking came in the live Sunday night game between Denver and Kansas. The kickers often get a rough time in the NFL, and I’ve already picked one kicker for a previous moment of the week. This week I was tempted to go for 2 of them!
The punter for Denver was Britton Colquitt, while the punter for Kansas was Dustin Colquitt. What a coincidence to have the same name!

Well, they’re brothers, and guess what their father did? Yep, he was a punter in the NFL! Talk about an easy route in, eh? Or, maybe not so easy, and I wrote about this on the blog in another article:
Do You Wish Your Mother Was A Footballer?

So, although the story of the Colquitts is interesting, and something you can apply to your own life right now, the timing of Calvin Johnson hitting 10,000 yards on Thanksgiving had to make that my moment of the week!

Ok, let me know what you think!
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  • “Dear Gordon, I hv something to confess. But you must promise to keep it a secret. Ok? Each time I came to visit, I read and I would really need to think of something meaningful to comment, and I must admit it was never easy. Today, I feel a little bit more comfort because your friend Nick (the earlier commentor) shared my sentiment of “..a sport I know nothing about. I’m slowly getting there.” Hahahahaha… ”

    • Ha! I know a lot of people who don’t know anything about the NFL. Since I fell in love with the sport since first seeing it on TV 30 years ago, I’ve been trying to convert people. It’s an uphill struggle here in the UK, particularly with football fans, who seem instantly inclined against the sport, and aren’t interested when I try and point out the finer nuances of the game.
      I’ll keep trying!