NFL Moment Of The Week – Week 17

"Antonio Brown"Last week of the regular season, and it seems appropriate that I return to the same player I featured in week 1…

‘Return’ is the appropriate word too, because I’m talking about 2 kick returns from Pittsburgh Steelers’ Antonio Brown.

In week 1, it was a case of him trying to hurdle a kicker and ending up booting him in the face, but in week 17 he was free and clear.

A classic move by the defence, all going one way across the pitch, draws the defenders that way too. When the receiver switches back the other way, the defenders take that extra half second to react, and that half second can be all the receiver needs to make enough space to free himself.

Then, Brown found himself with really only defender in front of him, the kicker. Now, even though kickers are reknowned as terrible tacklers (it’s not really their job to be fair), because Brown had a blocker in front of him, he pointed at the kicker as someone he wanted blocked.

The trouble is, he was running so fast, he was too fast for his own blocker!
In the picture, Brown no. 84 has his blocker in front of him, who is about to hit the floor when Brown knocks him over! You can clearly see how the defenders are a half second away from him coming back from the other direction.

Next stop for Brown was the endzone for 6 points.

A great play, another example of how important special teams can be, and well worthy of this week’s moment of the week. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series – the playoffs start now, but that’s the end of the regular season.

Hopefully the moments I picked helped to show why I enjoy the game, the ups, the downs, the spectacle!

Let me know what you think – I love the feedback!

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  • “..kickers are reknowned as terrible tacklers..”
    Everyone has his / her unique strength and that’s what makes the team a unique set when they compliment one another. Nice writeup. Always some food for thought Gordon.

    Wishing you a joyful and awesome year ahead!

    • Indeed so! The kickers win matches time and time again – they are not there to tackle, which is why the rest of the team don’t mind.
      Seeing some of the massive tacklers trying to kick would prove the point! 😉