NFL Moment Of the Week – Week 8

NFL London Oct 26th 2014Back in week 6 I said I already knew what my moments from weeks 7 & 8 would probably be.  Turned out I was right, and week 8 saw a massive NFL moment for me personally…

It was my first game!

I got a ticket for the game in London between the Detroit Lions and the Atlanta Falcons, who were the designated home team. To use a sporting cliche, it was a game of two halves – Atlanta went in 0-21 up at half time, but went on to lose the match 22-21 with a dramatic last kick field goal, which had to be retaken.

A great game for my first, but when you go to a game, it’s all about the day more than just the actual game.

"Gordon Bryan"
As you travel up, you see more and more people with NFL jerseys on, and the Wenbley games have been known for the rainbow of jerseys from different teams. Since I don’t have an NFL jersey, I wore an England top from the 1982 World Cup, just for a bit of fun.

I’ve written for many years that the money in sport is in the merchandise, and that’s as true as anywhere in the NFL. The merchandise tents are huge, with massive numbers of staff, working like crazy to get through the queues. The credit card terminals were singing as the money flowed into the NFL coffers! I got some specific game day stuff – a hat, a scarf, a sweatshirt, that all set me back a bit!

You get struck by the sheer scale of everything, way more than you do by watching on tv, the NFL is simply ‘BIG’!

"The Great Gordino"
I enjoyed watching all the people doing their jobs inside the stadium – yes the players obviously, but it was fascinating to watch the cheerleaders, nearly 40 of them, dancers who work for nearly 4 hours, reacting to what’s happening on the pitch as well as their own routines.
Cheesy? Oh blimey yes, but they are a part of the game as much as anything else.

Here’s something else I noticed – you know the headsets that the coaches wear? Well, I always assumed they were wireless, but I noticed that they have a massive long wire, being held by someone! That means that every coach with a headset has an individual following them around a pace behind them, for the whole game, holding a massive lead for the headset. No wonder the sidelines are always packed with people!

So, that’s my first NFL game seen in person. A great day. I’m not sure I’d go to all of them, after all it has taken me until the 10th to get round to it. For me it depends which teams are playing. If Peyton Manning came over, I’d go to that one, and if London ever gets a franchise I’d go and see them. Apart from that, who knows when my next one will be, but you can imagine why it was a big NFL moment for me, it could easily qualify as my moment of the season, so definitely sits easily as my moment of the week!

Let me know your thoughts!
‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
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    • I know a couple of Bucs fans over here – they tend to keep low profiles! 😉
      A lot of the teams are surprised when they come over about how big the fanbase is over here, and there are a lot of Brits like me, fans for many years, who are now getting to go to their first live games – great fun! The London game is accepted now, and a London Franchise looms ever larger down the line!

  • Sounds like you had fun experiencing the NFL! My first game was the Lions when I was thirteen. I went with a bunch of friends and it was something I still remember today!

    • Ah yes, you can never forget your first! Atlanta were the designated home team, so a lot of neutrals were rooting for them. A classic last kick result – harsh on the Falcons, but if you have a 21-0 lead and go on to lose by 1 point, you have no-one else to blame! 😉
      cheers, Gordon

  • Nice.
    1) WOW – First half leading 0-21 up at half time, but went on to lose the match 22-21…. That must be painful..

    2) The sound – “The credit card terminals were singing as the money flowed into the NFL coffers!”… somehow I just appreciate this line. Perhaps because it reminded me of $$$ coming in! It reminded me of the time when I was working in retail. LOL.

    The transaction sound of each payment made from the machine is definitely good and especially when doing the closing at the end of the day, zzzjjjzzzaaazzzjjjzzzaaaa and out comes a BIG figure statement,the feeling is superb.

    3) Cheerleaders – I think they are bigger in the West. Not so much in the East, I think. They are there (part of the Game) and yet not there. They are ‘not important’ and yet they add great value and entertainment to the whole event.

    Nice update, as always! 🙂

    • I’ve always known about the money in sport, blimey I write about how I’ve made my share in my book, but the scale of it was massive, the NFL have it down to a fine art! You know it’s expensive, but when you are caught up in it all you are happy to pay it 😉

      The cheerleaders ar odd, and you’ve summed it up just right – if they *weren’t* there, everyone would say ‘hey, where are the cheerleaders?’ I think the Pittsburgh Steelers are the only team that don’t have them, I don’t think they ever have (will need to check!)

      You say it must have been painful to lose that way – and you’re right! It should not have happened, that’s basically their season done with with now, onnly halfway through, and it seems a shame as they should be better. Of course that’s one of sport’s biggest cliches – the scoreline says they aren’t better! 😉

      A great day for me , I loved it!

      Thanks as ever for stopping by!