Niche Selection – How I Picked My Niche

This article is about niche selection, and how I did it for my $3000 a month project – absolutely vital if you are going to get to that $3000 a month target, because not all markets work online.

You need a niche that is getting enough searches per month, in other words, people are actively searching for what you offer online.

Then you need to check that people are spending money online in that niche, again it is not necessarily the case that having people *search* something online means that they are a market that *spends* online.

One of the first things Steven got me to do was to come up with ideas for niches to research. As a starting point I gave a list of things I knew about/had an interest in.

Then we set about looking at the top results in Google, to see what the competition was like. Now, it’s possible to get all the traffic you’ll need without worrying about where you show up in Google, but showing up at the top of the results will send you a lot of free natural traffic, so it’s always worth assessing how well you will be able to compete.

As mentioned elsewhere, during this research I had a recurring health problem – nothing major, but unpleasant nonetheless. It then occurred to me that that same health problem could be a market to work with.

After doing the research, I found that it was a subject with lots of searches, that there were products to sell, and that I could come up with my own product if I wanted to.

After diving in and starting my book, I found that the elusive nature of relief for the particular health problem made it impossible to give definitive answers to people seeking them, that it would only be suggestions based on my own experience.

That in itself is not enough to cancel the project, but it did persuade me to focus foremost on the market I know and feel passionate about, that of goal achievement/self improvement.

I firmly believe that anyone can create amazing results for themselves by following certain ideas and techniques. I believe it, because I’ve done it myself for over 25 years.

I’ve also written an ebook about it, which sells online and has its’ own affiliate programme.

When I told Steven, he came back and told me that I should always go with things I know about.
Competition in the search engines can be hard for the goal achievement market, but I believe I have no problem in creating ongoing content to drive traffic.

So, that’s the niche I settled on!
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Will this be a $3000 a month project for me?
There’s only one way to find out!

Remember, it has an affiliate programme that pays $20 for each sale, so if you are following along with this project hoping to do the same as me, this could be all you need, and as the project goes along I will be providing all the content and training you’ll need – 5 affiliate sales a day – $3000 a month!

So, thats how I went about the niche selection for this project.

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