No Way To Sugar Coat It, Without Action It’s Not Going To Happen!

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Here’s another look at a quote image, and this one goes right to the heart of any changes we want…

No way to sugar coat this one – without action it’s not going to happen.

No nice image behind this one. It’s a simple set of words. An uncompromising set of words, which as they say themselves, have no sugar coating.

I’ve chosen to put it that way, because it *is* all about the action. I call it one of the 4 magic words beginning with ‘A’, and it’s clear that for something to change, something has to happen that’s different. If nothing different happens, then nothing will change.

I don’t know what your goal is, naturally, but if you look at anyone who has achieved it before, the road to them achieving it is covered in action steps.

The naysayers, and I can hear them now, might be saying ‘oh, I can’t take action until so and so does this, or until such and such happens first, or because this and/or that is stopping me!’

If someone says that, I always think of the response of starting to ask questions –
– Is that actually true, or is that being used as an excuse to not take action?
– If it’s true that other circumstances, including other people, need to be set up differently before you can take action, what can *you* do to get those circumstances in place?

It could be that you are looking at an action too far down the road, looking at the obstacles in the way, when in fact it’s dealing with the obstacle that should be your first action!

I do accept that actions of others will have an impact on us. That’s clearly true, and to say otherwise would be nonsense. However, if we rely solely on the actions of others to move us forwards, then you are opening ourselves up to the unpredictability of, well, others! We are signing up to *other* people’s agendas if we rely on them alone.

It can bring amazing results if we tell others what we want, and the power of simply asking is a massively underused one. (You won’t be surprised to hear me say that ‘ask’ is another of those magic ‘A’ words!)

Will action *always* bring results? Well, that’s a good question!

Since there are no guarantees in life, you can’t always definitively say that taking action towards a goal will bring success, but you can say for certain that it will bring *something*!

It will bring a change of some sort though, always, and if that change doesn’t move you towards your goal, you can then assess the results, make adjustments, and then take more action!

You can likewise say that if you’re questioning the link between action and results, you can also be fairly sure of what happens in you take no action – nothing!

If you don’t take action, if you keep doing what you’ve done before, you’ll keep getting the results you’ve got before. If you’re happy with those results, then fine, and whether you take action or not is always a choice, but as long as you take responsibility for that choice, and the results it brings.

If we didn’t take action towards a result, we can’t moan about the lack of result that follows.

I’d also say that it’s quite possible that the first action we need to take is on our mindset! If we don’t believe that the results are even possible, or that we are worthy of them, then we are unlikely to take action, which will perpetuate those beliefs.

If we make the decision to put in whatever work it needs to change those beliefs, to change our mindset, then this is action taking at its’ finest, because it sets us up not only to start taking action, but to push forwards with the results it brings.

Exciting, do you agree..?

So, why is the message put across in the image so bluntly? Why the need to point out the lack of sugar coating? Is it basically saying ‘Get off your backside!’

"Gordon Bryan", "self improvement",

Well, pretty much, yes!

Don’t moan about lack of results if you took no action.
Don’t expect others to do it for you, and blame them when they don’t.
Take control. Look to your goals, and work out the very next step you would need to take to move towards them, and then accept that’s it down to you, and act on that first step.

Once you do that, you’ll see the movement in your life. You might need to make adjustments along the way, you might go down some wrong paths, but it’s *all* moving forwards as you learn.

Momentum kicks in when you take action. Habit kicks in when you take action repeatedly. This feeds motivation, which brings more action, which in turn brings more momentum.

Did I say that’s exciting?

Try it, and if you’re already trying it, keep going. It can change your life, it can transform it!

Do let me know what you think, I love the feedback!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
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