Oh Really? Why Not..!

"Gordon Bryan",
Written by gordino

I’m taking another look at the point made in one of my quote images, and let’s be honest, why not..?

Sometimes the message can work well when it’s put across in as few words as possible, and while someone did say that this particular one was ‘rather pink’, it got the attention, and then hopefully the words did too!

It’s a great combination of question and follow up. It’s a hugely effective communication technique.

It can be used as a response to when someone says ‘they couldn’t do’ something, or ‘they can’t do’ something, or, and you might be ahead of me on this one, they ‘won’t be able to do’ something.

When you say ‘oh really?’ you are acknowledging what someone has said, and also inviting further communication by phrasing it with a question mark, which suggests it needs further explanation.

Then when you follow up with ‘why not!’ you are setting the angle that this explanation should come from.

The response to the ‘why not!’ follow up is what can be the most revealing – sometimes it can reveal clear and detailed reasons, but in many cases the answer comes as ‘oh I don’t know,’ or ‘just because.’

Maybe the reason is ‘I wouldn’t know how,’ or ‘I’m not good enough,’ or ‘because so and so says so.’


These answers can be the same when we give them others, as to when we give them to ourselves, so let’s take a look further at those reasons we might give, and how we might use them to move forward…

So, sometimes the simplest one to deal with is the ‘I don’t know’ response. If we want to do something in life, but never have, and we can’t even come up with a reason why not, then the solution is to start doing it!

Sure enough, this process will trigger various reasons why we can’t do it, but many, if not all, of them will be based on fear.

Fear of change, fear of failure, fear of ridicule, fear of financial elements.

Now, these fears are not to be dismissed out of hand – some of them are real, very real, because the impact of instigating change can be sometimes be huge.

That doesn’t always make them reason enough not to even start though.

Some of the fears can be less real though. They can be fears based on imagination, and often these fears can be got rid of by simply taking action, and it can be staggering how quickly some fears can fall by the wayside. It can be a revelation.

If the reason behind not being able to do something is because you don’t think you’re good enough, well, to be honest, most people who achieve things in life were not good enough when they started!

Being good enough when you start is a rarity, and not the norm. The norm is that you have to learn. You set out on a journey of learning, with failures and setbacks along the way, getting better as you go along.

This is certainly true of anyone who would be called an achiever in any field, so it goes that it’s a model that can be taken for *any* progress by *anyone*. That includes me, and it includes you.

Decision combined with intention combined with learning and action WILL lead to results if persistently maintained for long enough. Sometimes it’s the thought of that challenge which is too much for people.

They don’t want to make the commitment, so dismiss their potential with a shoulder shrugging ‘oh I don’t know.’

What if the answer is ‘I can’t do that because so and so says so’?

Well, this is another one that can be dealt with!

Firstly, who says so? Who exactly? What is the connection between you that gives them the power to say what you can and cannot do?

Secondly, are they right? What would happen if you did it anyway? What would be the consequence? As I mentioned previously, consequences are not to be glibly dismissed, but the question should still be asked.

It could be that taking action will change the mind of the naysayer, and they come on board in support. It could be that taking action doesn’t change their mind at all, and the end up being less and less relevant in your life, either by their choice or yours.

That can be painful. That can be difficult. The thing is, we’re not focusing on their issues, their need, their wants, we’re focusing on yours!

Yes taking other people’s needs into account is an important thing to do, but putting those needs in a position where they over-ride the genuine authentic you from being that genuine, authentic you? Well, you have to ask why this is the case, because it’s something too many people slip into, leaving too many people living a life of unfulfillment.

It doesn’t have to be that way…

Instead of the ‘I couldn’t, can’t or won’t be able to’ response, followed up with a reason of ‘I don’t know, just because, or so and so said so’, you could answer that you might not have been able to before, or right now, because of limited knowledge, or limiting beliefs, that now you accept this you can gain the knowledge and change the beliefs.

"Gordon Bryan",

Then the words in the image of ‘Oh really? Why not!’ change to ‘Oh Really? That’s great!’

So, a stark quote image for this time around, but the process of making that change from the first set of words to the second can be transformational, and it’s a process that can be started at any time, including right now!

Try it, it can change your life.

Do let me know what you think, I love the feedback.

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
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