Olympic Inspiration From The Mass Of Individuals!

August 12th 2012, and it’s the last day of the London 2012 Olympics. Some people are still trying to win their medals after long tournaments, some people are relaxing having won their medal 2 weeks ago, and some people are going for gold today in a one off event right at the end of the games. That’s the prompt for today’s message…
The Great Gordino Goal Achievement
Look past the mass of athletes as a whole, and focus on the individuals. There are only 3 medal slots in any event, but they are all packed with people taking part. People who have spent years working towards the same goal, with it only coming off for a few people.

Yes, the winners are inspiring, and in my series of articles centred around London 2012, I’ve written about both winners and the losers.

Maybe you’ve been inspired by gold medallist Helen Glover, who had never even tried her event 4 years ago.

Maybe it’s been Merve Aydin, who hobbled round the track for a lap with an injury, so that she could say she finished.

How about Sarah Attar, the first woman to compete for Saudi Arabia – yes, the King had to give her permission, and yes, her clothing had to be approved by men, but she was there.

It could have been Nicola Adams that caught your attention, winning the first ever gold medal in women’s boxing.

Do not take forget the winners that were expected to win. They put in the same work over the same years, but they also had the pressure of expectation to deal with.

Then there are the ceremonies, thousands of performers who put in huge amounts of time and work to take part, and the whole thing would never happen without the volunteers.

On my own visits to venues they were friendly and helpful, and hearing some of them talk, it was clear that they had to make big shifts in their life routines for a long time just to be able to be a volunteer!

So, as the Games come to close, think of all the different goals that people had, all coming together at the same time.

Think of the winners, think of the losers- think of the logistics, think of the volunteers.
In my articles there has been a slant towards the British stories. I make no apology for that, I’ve been watching the Olympics for nearly 40 years, so them being in London is something to really soak up for me.

I loved going to the stadium to watch my brother in the rehearsal for the opening ceremony, and I loved the atmosphere of going to watch the sport live. I loved watching more than I ever have before on TV!

I’ve found it all very inspirational looking at the individuals in the masses, and I intend to stay inspired – have you been able to tap into that feel good factor too?

Let me know what you think!
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  • Yes I share your view. I have been inspired by all the volunteers I have seen, and the crowds I have been part of, and all the coaches, nutritionists etc. I am also very determined to keep the inspiration going. There is already a grumbling undertone of “it won’t last” and of course if we keep saying that, that’s what we’ll get! In fact, we could decide that we’ll never be the same again, couldn’t we?

    • Oh you have hit the nail on the head when you say we will get what we say we’ll get regarding legacy and inspiration. These thoughts can be so self perpetuating, so much better to choose the positive one! Cheers, Gordon