Passion Profits – Define Your Passion!

In this article I’m taking a look at a hurdle so many people fall at when it comes to achieving any goal, and it definitely applies when it comes to making money from your passions…

Sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it! Making money from your passions? You’d have real enjoyment doing it and it would take you away from the grind of your ‘normal’ job.

Well, that’s all well and good, and it is *indeed* a great idea! It’s an idea that as been giving much fuller possibilities with the rise of the internet, and then yet more again with the rise of social media.

Here’s the thing though…

Remember I said there was a huge stumbling block for any goal achievement process, and that it applies in this case too? That stumbling block is definition.


You have to define a goal before you can achieve it – otherwise how will you know when you’ve achieved it, and how will you work out how to get there?

So, when it comes to making money online from your passions, you have to define what your passion is!

That might sound a silly question, that it’s obvious to you what your passion is.

Ok that’s fair enough, and if so then great, but let’s just go over what needs to be in place…

It needs to be something you’re genuinely passionate about, not something you’d *like* to be passionate about! For example, it needs to be something that you’d do all day everyday if you had the chance.

Is it something that you have good knowledge about?
Is it something that makes you smile, not only when doing it, but even when thinking about it?
Is it something you know something about that others would want to know?
Is it something you’d be happy passing that knowledge on about?
Is it something you’d be happy to commit to for a good while?
Is it something you’d be happy to put up with difficulties and set backs?

The reason I ask these questions, is that if you’re going to make money online from your passion, it needs to be a subject that fits nearly all (and all of them preferably!)

The difficulties will come, the setbacks will come. The times will come when you just want to give up on the whole thing, when it stops being fun and you want to forget the chore side of it, and just go back to the fun.

This will be ongoing for a while if you’re going to succeed at it too!

The setbacks, the commitment, those things are not a problem if it’s your passion, but if it’s not really a passion, or something you’d just like to be, then there will be problems down the line.

Now, having said that, you don’t need to be an expert in the field – teaching skills is only one small area of opportunity. It could well be that you have no actual skills in the field at all, but it’s your *interest* that’s the passion! That’s fine, and it’s why for example you could use sport as your passion without being a sportsman, or movies as your passion without being an actor.

The key though, is that it’s your real passion, something you can *connect* with others about.
So, get that first step in place, get that passion defined, and then it onwards and upwards!

Ok, do let me know what you think – I love the feedback!

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