Passion Profits – How Do You Get Your Message Out There?

In this article I’m taking a look at a question which can stop people making progress when it comes to turning passions into profits, and it’s this one…

How do you get your message out there?

People get intimidated by this question. Intimidated to the point where they get stuck, frozen in ‘paralysis by analysis’, and they simply never make progress.

The intimidation comes from assumptions. Ah, the assumptions! Assumptions can be the killer when it comes to progress towards *any* goal, and it’s certainly true when it comes to making money online.

In this case, when it comes to getting your message out there, the assumptions might be that it’ll be difficult, or expensive, or time consuming. The assumption might well be that no-one will even listen anyway! The assumption might be that you need a fancy website


Not true. None of them.

I can understand why people have these assumptions though. Don’t get me wrong, I can understand, because without knowledge and/or experience, it can be easy to assume the worst when it comes to difficulty or expense. Here’s the thing though, it can be just as easy to assume the opposite!

Assumption is just energy directed towards imagining a future outcome – how we choose to use that energy is up to us.

So, if it’s not as difficult, or expensive, or time consuming as I say, then how *can* you get your message out there..?

Well, you’re reading the answer!

This article!
This article is me getting the message out there. MY message.

I created it, and it can be done anytime and anywhere as long as I can access a word processing software.

As it happens, I’ll also be turning this article into a video, so that people can see my message. And an image so that people can look at my message. And an audio, so that people can hear my message.

All done on free software. All uploaded to other websites, like youtube and facebook.

Now, in my case I do have a blog. You can get free blogs, I choose to have a paid one because it offers more functions, but that’s going deeper into the opportunity. You don’t have to have a blog.

So, how do you get your message out there? You just create it and *get* it out there!

If you’re worried about your writing, or how you might look for videos, or how you might sound for audios, that’s ok! You won’t be the first person that’s worried about those things, and you won’t be the last!

Your first efforts might look and sound a bit less than perfect. That’s ok, you’ll get better. The key is to get started, and get the experience as you go along.

People who want to hear your message want to hear the ‘real’ you anyway so mistakes don’t matter (to a point), it’s the message that matters more than the presentation.

Yes, presentation does matter, but I can’t say it enough, your message matters *more* – it always has and it always will. That’s true offline, and it’s true online too.

So, get stuck in, try the various means of getting your message out there – see which you feel more comfortable with, get feedback, move forwards and get it out there!

Talking of feedback, do let me know what you think of this article!

Ok, ’til next time,
Health & Happiness,
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