Passion Profits – What’s Your Relationship With Your Passion..?

"Gordon Bryan"
Written by gordino

In this article I’m going to delve a bit deeper into a question which will be a key component if you when it comes to turning passions into profits…

What’s your relationship with your passion?

I often get a quizzical response when I ask that question, a combination of not being sure quite what I’m asking, or why! That’s fair enough, and since it’s such a key component as I mentioned, it’s well worth looking deeper.

If you’re going to make money online from your passion, it needs to be something that you are prepared to work long and hard at, with difficulties and challenges along the way. Not only do you need to be prepared to do that, you’ll need to be *happy* to do it.

If it’s not really your passion, it makes it harder in a big way. It can be done, of course, but why feel like swimming through treacle when you can be smiling and going with the flow of your passion instead?

On top of that, what gives you your unique proposition in the process, is precisely this relationship with the passion that I’ve mentioned.

It’s a busy space online, and it can be positively crowded when it comes to making money online! In a space where lots of people are trying to do the exact same thing, it’s the differences that make the, er, difference.

So, what’s your difference? You might be ahead of me on this one, but it’s your relationship with your passion!

If you can put this across to others, and in fact this works whether they have the same passion or not, you are making *connections* with people. People buy anonymously all the time online, but they ‘enjoy’ buying from people they connect with.

I did say it works for people who don’t even have the same passion as you, but obviously this effect is multiplied when it come to people who DO have the same passion – people who like the same music, or the same sports, or the same films, or the same knitting styles, or the same holidays, or the same food, and so on and so on, the list is endless!

You will be able to think of the connections you felt with complete strangers with this mutual passion effect, so you know it’s a real thing. If you drive that connection with intention, you are able to set yourself apart from the anonymous noise online, and this is how you make progress when it comes to profits from passions.

So, let’s look again at the question – what’s your relationship with your passion?

How did you get involved with it? When did this first happen and how? Was it passed on from family, or was it a random exposure to it? Was it a deliberate attempt by you to seek it out and try it , or was it first suggested by a friend or partner?

Those factual answers are great, because they build your story, and we can go to deeper level too –

How does the passion make you *feel?*
What does it bring to you?
Does it effect the way you view the world?
What are the pleasures, and what are the difficulties?

These are sweeping questions, and quite deliberately so. Clearly I don’t know what your individual passion is, so the answers depend on you, and that’s the point! The answers are your answers, and yours alone, but when you can answer them and in a way that you can put across to others, that is the knowledge and personal connection that you can build with others, and it’s that relationship yo then monetise.

It’s an amazing thing, and personally I love it! Yes, the bottom line is you are making money, but to do it from a position of passion, from a place that means something to you, and to do it from others in a way that you’re doing it *with* them, well that’s a wonderful thing in my eyes.

It’s part of what I call the abundance of opportunity that the internet brings us, the freedoms that we can unleash for ourselves and others, all done in an authentic, genuine way.

So, although I’m tempted to say to have fun when going through your answers to my question, it should be an obvious by-product anyway as you dig deep into examining this key foundation of making profit from your passion. I’m sure as you’ve been reading this article you’ve found the answers coming to you already as you consider: what’s your relationship with your passion?

Do let me know your answers!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
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