Paul McCartney Is An Olympic Sized Numpty!

Full front page of the UK’s biggest selling paper, and Paul McCartney is calling Team GB idiots for not picking David Beckham. Here’s why McCartney is a numpty…

Yes, the well known football expert Paul McCartney.

McCartney says Beckham should be first choice because of the huge contribution he made in 2012 being awarded to London. Yes, that‘s true, but as others have said, so did Princess Anne, does that means we should get her back in the saddle?

He also said that Beckham was a crowd pleaser and it didn’t matter if others were playing better. Is Olympic selection about selling tickets and merchandise?


A few points to consider here.
Firstly, if you asked McCartney who the GB football coach is, I’m sure he wouldn’t be able to tell you. If you asked him when the last time Beckham played international football was, I’m sure he wouldn’t know that either.

Make no mistake, McCartney is appearing in the Opening ceremony so it’s all publicity, and The Sun paper is no stranger to it, and McCartney has been at the publicity game for 50 years, so you have to take that into consideration.

On the goal achievement front though, it shows what Stuart Pearce (he’s the GB coach in case Sir Paul is reading) had stood up to.

He came under an absolute torrent of criticism when he announced Beckham was not selected, mostly from people that expected Beckham’s celebrity to be enough, who probably also knew as much about football as McCartney.

Well, good for Pearce, I say. He was a no nonsense player, he didn’t get the nickname ‘psycho’ for nothing, and as a manager he plays with a straight bat the same way.

He calls the shots as he sees it, or he won’t do the job, and he has picked the team on football merits as he sees them. Even the BOA weren’t happy, as they had already lined up events with Beckham included, and were miffed at having to change their plans.

It’s worrying that the BOA would ‘expect’ certain players to be selected because of what they offer off the field of play.

I like Beckham. To me he has always come across as hard working, and a pleasant family man who has done remarkably well for himself. The Olympics, though, should never be about picking someone just because they are famous.

Stuart Pearce – hooray.
Paul McCartney – Olympic sized numpty.

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  • I confess: I expected Beckham to make the team. But then, I know less about football than Sir Paul. (Really, I know less about it than just about anybody!)

    But, my favorite part of this article? I learned a new word. I never heard numpty before!

    • Hi Cheri!
      *Everyone* expected Beckham to be in the team…just because…!
      I’m glad you enjoy the word ‘numpty’, it’s a favourtie of mine! Always happy to get it in a title somewhere! lol

    • well, the Olympics itself is def. full of ticket and merch sales, it has to be in order to cover the cost! When I was at the Olympic Park on Monday to watch the rehearsal of the opening ceremony, the London 2012 Megastore there was, er, mega! And packed!

      As for athlete selection, thankfully it isn’t about tickets or merchandise, which is why I was glad the coach withstood the clamour for Beckham.
      Selection mostly is about medal count, because lots of government funding goes into top level sport, and results are expected to be seen! Lots of sports politics in there, yes. but the foundation underneath is still the opportunity for athletes to come together and see who wins!

  • I will readily admit I know very little about, ahem, soccer.

    That is probably why I cannot fathom the fascination with David Beckham. Yes, yes, yes, he’s pretty to look at…but I still don’t get it. And his wife’s recent admission that she stopped smiling so much publicly because people in fashion don’t smile much was on the bizarre side to me. Even if she is correct.

    What drew me here was the title. It’s pretty funny.

    • Beckham was simply another footballer until he got engaged to Victoria. At that time the Spice Girls were still reigning the celebrity world, and the couple have played it ever since. They are both hard working and personable in interviews, and at least he smiles in public. She just look ridiculous!
      McCartney’s comment did show how much the celebrity culture can seep through, although as I said he is no fool at the publicity game himself, which I think played a part! I liked the title of your blog too, when I saw the words ‘four parks’ I thought of ‘four candles’, but that might not translate across the Atlantic!
      Thanks for stopping by! Gordon