Photography – Botany Bay, Kent.

"Botany Bay Kent", "Gordon Bryan",
Written by gordino

I had been wanting to try a sunrise trip to Botany Bay in Kent.
I decided to try combining it with a sunset session from Margate just along the coast.
You can see those pictures in a separate post, but this post is about that sunrise on the beach at Botany Bay.

Botany Bay, Kent.

The sand is like a sandpit – deep and wavy. It gets packed during the hot days unsurprisingly, but at 3.30 am I was on my own. Well for a short time at least, before the dog walkers and metal detectors arrived!
"Botany Bay Kent", "Gordon Bryan",

This one went down well on social media, I was pleased with it I must say!
"Botany Bay sunrise",

I seem to have posted these all over the place time wise, when I arrived I hadn’t expected to see the moon, so started snapping pretty early! The moon having a dance with the dawn, about 3.30am …
"Botany Bay sunrise",

Trying some panaromic shots:
"Botany Bay sunrise"

I hope you enjoy the pictures, and if you have any suggestions for further trips, do let me know!

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