Photography – Bredhurst Woods, Dec 2016 Sunrise

"Gordon Bryan", "Bredhurst Woods",
Written by gordino

In my frequent trips to the local Bredhurst Woods, there’s a tree on the path which I like to take regular photos of.

I had been meaning to try a sunrise or sunset trip around it, and realised that sunrise would be the best bet.

Then it came down to waiting for a clear morning, to co-incide with remembering to do it!
Eventually, a morning came around in December 2016. The good thing about winter sunrise sessions, is that you don’t need to get up at really silly O’Clock, because the sun doesn’t rise until 7am or thereabouts.
Of course the downside of doing it in winter, is that it is, to say the least, cold!
Part of sunrise photography is getting in place and then just waiting, and waiting around in subzero temperatures really had me shivering!
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Bredhurst Woods, Sunrise Dec 4th 2016

In this one you can see the shaking of the hands, as good a reminder as any for why I should have taken a tripod!

"Gordon Bryan", "Bredhurst Woods",

Eventually the sun itself appeared. Because of the angle of the countryside behind the tree, it took a good while to see the actual sun rather than just the light, so it did get surprisingly light all around!

"Gordon Bryan", "sunrise",

The as the sun gets higher, you don’t have long to get the snaps you want, because it’s not long before the sunrise turns into simply ‘the sun’, and you lose that effect of the rising.
So I went to my favourite low down angle trick for this one!

"Gordon Bryan", "Bredhurst Woods",

For the final one of this collection, I wanted to see what happened when I looked along the top of the frosty fence. These are all just point and click with a very old digital camera – I hadn’t moved to my newer smartphone when I took these!

"Gordon Bryan", "sunrise",

Maybe I should try again with my newer camera, to see if I can get something different, but in the meantime, these work just fine!

I hope you enjoy them do let me know what you think as ever!

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