Photography – Halnaker Tree Tunnel, June & November 2015

"Gordon Bryan", "Halnaker tree tunnel",
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Here’s part of my ongoing efforts to get past my procrastination when it comes to getting some of my photography online!

Yes, these photos are from *two* years ago!

I took them at a place called Halnaker in West Sussex, England. I had seen a photo of a ‘tree tunnel’ and I was in a phase of looking at these images further to see where they were taken and if they were close enough for me to go and take some myself.

In this case, it seemed close enough to make a day trip of it, and as I did some research I found there was a windmill there as well, so that seemed a bonus…

As I parked the car, and walked up in the direction of where I thought the tree tunnel was, I found myself in it!
In fact, the bit of the path lined with trees is very short, way shorter than it looks in any photos. It’s probably fair to say that if you see any photos of this tree tunnel online, then they are probably taken at one end looking down the entire length! I know this to be true, because that’s the case with mine! As ever, you can click the photos to see the bigger versions.

Halnaker Tree Tunnel, June 2015
"Gordon Bryan", "Halnaker tree tunnel",

"tree tunnel", "Gordon Bryan",

Halnaker Windmill, June 2015.
I did wonder how long it would take to find the windmill. The answer was ‘not long’!
As I got to the end of the surprisingly short tree tunnel, it was on up a hill, and there the windmill was. Having seen some pictures online before the trip, it was a shock to see it without the sails. Who knows when they’ll be up again..
"Halnaker Windmill", "Gordon Bryan",

When I was going through the photos to post on FB (you are friend with me there, right? Gordon on Facebook), I did have a giggle and whacked some photoshopped sails on the picture, and then developed the idea into one of my quote images…
"Gordon Bryan"

On the stroll around the area, this shot appeared. Seeing a poppy on top of a wall like that created a nice contrast, and even though this was in June, it’s an image I’ve been happy to use as part of the yearly Remembrance events in November.
"poppy", "Gordon Bryan",

Halnaker Tree Tunnel, Autumn 2015.

"Gordon Bryan", "tree tunnel",
I had intended to go back in the autumn to see what pics could be taken. As it happened, I ended up going later than I thought, due to my Sundays being taken up watching sport on tv! Eventually I got round to going, and even though I thought I might have left it too late in the year, and probably did, I was still able to nab a couple of decent shots!
"Halnaker tree tunnel",

"tree tunnel", "Gordon Bryan",

The windmill is at the top of the hill (natch), so it gives a superb view looking around, and this big old tree stand out against the landscape behind it in the distance…
"Halnaker Windmill"

I hope you enjoy looking at the pics as much as I enjoy taking them – do let me know what you think!

‘Til Next Time,
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