Photography – St.Ives, Cornwall, Oct 2017

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I had been meaning to get round to another trip down to St.Ives in Cornwall for a while.

When I say ‘get round to’, it’s not as though my last trip there was recently – I hadn’t been there since 1989! My honeymoon!!

Eventually I decided to take the plunge and just get on with it, so I tried going down by coach instead of the car, and picked the same month as the honeymoon trip, to see what had changed in 28 years!

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St.Ives, Cornwall, October 2017.

I got off the coach at approaching 5.30pm – strolled a little way down the hill to the harbour to take my first snap while there was still daylight…

I was looking forward to the cream tea, and wasn’t disappointed! You have to have one when you’re there – it’s the law – and when in Cornwall, it’s jam first and then the cream on top!
"St.Ives". "Gordon Bryan",

I hadn’t been expecting much sunrise or sunset wise, having seen the weather forecast. After a ‘blank’ day with the weather, I was mooching around the harbour soaking up the evening atmosphere when the clouds suddenly decided to play ball, and it’s often on the cloudy days that you can get the moody stuff! St.Ives Sunset, Oct 17th 2017
"St.Ives", "Gordon Bryan",

St.Ives Harbour at Night, Oct 17th 2017.
I thought I’d try some darker shots, plus the panoramic option on my Galaxy S6 – as I get more and more into the fun of photography, it seems I should try and use more of the functions on the phone’s camera, even though ‘point & click’ seems to work pretty well!
"St.Ives", "Gordon Bryan",

St.Ives low tide.
I took this one on the morning of Oct 18th. I do enjoy the technique of crouching down to get some nice angles. Not so good for my knees when you also include swivelling to get the panorama, but good for the end result!
"St.Ives low tide", "Gordon Bryan",

St.Ives sunrise October 19th.
Having said I wasn’t expecting much on the sunrise shots, I was awake in the hotel room at 7.30, looked out of the window and saw enough clear sky to encourage me to fly out of bed, and I got this shot about 20 minutes later – this 30 second period was the most seen of the sun all day, as it soon started chucking it down, lasting all day!
"St.Ives sunrise", "Gordon Bryan",

St.Ives water October 18th
When the tide’s in, and it’s calm, the water really has a pool like feel to it under that famous St.Ives light.
"St.Ives", "Gordon Bryan",

Porthmeor Beach Sunset, Oct 18th 2017
Having tried some sunset stuff the previous evening, I thought for the next evening I’d try Porthmeor beach over the hill. Literally a couple of minutes walk from the harbour, it gives views of the sun setting over the sea rather than the harbour water. The clouds were still doing their best to block the sun, but it appeared long enough to sit there and enjoy the peaceful view…
"St.Ives", "Porthmeor beach",

Carbis Bay Oct 17th 2017
I was trying some low down angle stuff, and the soggy sand underfoot meant I didn’t get out of the way quickly enough before that wave to the left arrived, leaving me over ankles deep in the sea!
"Carbis Bay", "Gordon Bryan",

St.Ives lighthouse, Oct 2017
I’ll be honest, a lick of paint wouldn’t go amiss on that famous lighthouse! 😉
"St.Ives", "Gordon Bryan",

Carbis Bay Viaduct, October 2017
As I was wandering down to Carbis Bay, I followed a diversion to the coastal. I knew I was getting in the right direction as I was going back donwhill. I ended up being taken through a hotel car park(!) and as I looked up, I found myself under this Victorian train viaduct above me. Lovely, so I decided to throw some black and white on the photo. As I did some research afterwards, I found out that Carbis Bay was only named after the railway station had come along!
"Carbis Bay", "Gordon Bryan",

Oh come on, there’s a handrail and everything – what could possibly go wrong!
This made me laugh. As I strolled around Carbis beach, over the smooth sand, along the sea, around the cliffs, I saw this ‘path’. Look at these steps! The picture might not show it, but there is water coming down them as well. Imagine telling Granny you’re talking her on a gentle coastal walk!
"Carbis Bay", "Gordon Bryan",

St.Ives harbour, tide out.
I do like my low angle views, and while they don’t always work, they are fun to look at afterwards! Over on facebook I posted one that hadn’t quite worked, which came from the same scene as this one, so I thought I’d go black and white with this one
"St.Ives", "Gordon Bryan",

As usual, I took waaay too many pictures! I will be uploading more as I go along, but wanted to get some posted on the blog to stop my usual procrastination! If you connect with me via Facebook, I’ll probably post them in my album there in advance of putting them on the blog – Gordon Bryan on Facebook

Ok, I’d love to hear what you think – do let me know!

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