Remembering Rick Rescorla 2012

I very rarely just post a link to previous posts I’ve written. Today that’s exactly what I’m doing though, and I make no apology for it.

Remembering Rick Rescorla

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The post is called Remembering Rick Rescorla, I posted it last year, and it goes back to an article I wrote back in 2005.

On the anniversary of 9/11, it’s a thought I’d like to share again.

Here’s the link:
Remembering Rick Rescorla

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    • Thanks Kama, There were/are so many individual stories, it was easy to lose them in the crowd. For some reason this one struck me when I first came across it 7 years ago, and since I do like to write about individual stories in any field, I chose to remember this man on a yearly basis, because what he did does call to be remembered.
      Cheers, Gordon

    • Thanks Cheri,
      I’ve come across many stories from that day, and been moved many times. I think after writing about this one it stuck, and from then on it seems a case of me not wanting it to be forgotten.
      Cheers, Gordon