Remembering Rick Rescorla 2015

The list of names of people that died on 9/11 runs into the thousands. Rick Rescorla is one of those names.

"Rick Rescorla"

I find that the individuals get lost in such large stats, so when I first heard about Rescorla’s story in 2005, I wrote about it, because I found it inspiring and thought that others would too.

In 2001, on the 10th anniversary, I realised that I hadn’t posted it on *this* blog, so I did that, and it’s something I can link back to every year, because again, the individuals get lost in the scale of what happened. Maybe you’ve not read it before, maybe you have – either way I think it’s worth a read today.

Here it is:
Remembering Rick Rescorla 2011

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  • Boy oh boy Gordon…another year has passed. Today is the big General Election day in Singapore. For some reasons, my heart is heavy and no peace awaiting for the result, which will likely have a glimpse of initial sampling at 10pm and final result tomorrow morning. Wish the best for Singapore moving forward, upward. All the best to you and your nation too!

    To your Abundance, Sandy

      • Hi Gordon. It has been 2 weeks since the General Election. No peace awaiting then… well, it is complicated. Put it very briefly, depending on who the electorates voted for, the future of the country was seemingly at big stake. With Opposition parties coming from different sects and beliefs. From the look of it, it seemed that it was in favour against the current Ruling party. Why no peace… because if the sub par quality Opposition were to form coalition govt, I personally foresaw the challenges ahead when come to getting concensus and motion through parliament. There were so many uncertainties ahead. With the current Govt, we knew what to expect. The certainties were there, albeit bitter bullets could be presented sometimes. But we know they are capable talents.

        Fast forward to present. The GE result was a huge surprise. With the current ruling party winning 83 out of the 89 seats! It was a big win! And it says alot on what the people want. There were many factors that drove this result, and I shall not dwell into it. You may read the post election analysis here, if interested.

        There is a post election saying for this whole drama. ‘Vocal Minority, Silent Majority!’

        Why? Because we saw all the online sentiment built hugely against the ruling party. But didnt realize, there were actually a huge majority out there, silent ones, didn’t ‘join the petty commotion party’.

        That’s an important lesson for everyone to learn here. Never fully trust what you see online.

        Just a parting note. It’s not that we detest opposition. If they make sense and show the capability to move the country forward, sure! Only when they are ready! And they have 5 years to prove it. Likewise for the incumbent. They know very well that should they fail to deliver, voters can always vote them out next season.

        Thanks for allowing me to express here Gordon. I appreciate it πŸ™‚

        • Interesting! It was much the same in the UK election. The supporters of the left were very vocal via social media, but it was the silent voter for the Conservatives that won the day.
          The supporters of the left are still posting surprise that they lost, and don’t seem to understand that their view is simply not the majority view.