Self Improvement – Sabine Lisicki Is Such A Loser!

"Sabine Lisicki", "self improvement", "Gordon Bryan"July 2013, and Sabine Lisicki loses the Wimbledon final to Marion Bartoli. Plus, she lost her nerve and blubbed like a girl on court – what a loser, right..?

Well, yes and no.

Technically, yes she was the loser. She was beaten, and the history books will show Marion Bartoli as the winner. From a self improvement angle though, she’s not a loser at all. Let’s look at her journey up to the final, and maybe speculate about her future going forwards.

Lisicki has not had the easiest of journeys in tennis. Her parents gave up their jobs to support her competing, but often she couldn’t enter tournaments because of money issues.

She was starting to reward that sacrifice with her performances, when she had a leg injury that left her having to learn to walk again. Then she came to fore at Wimbledon a couple of years ago with a storming run, accompanied by a refreshing smile and media friendly enthusiasm.

In 2013 she came to the tournament as a dark horse, but really hit the headlines when she beat Serena Williams fair and square, making her the bookies favourite.

She walked out for the final smiling, but Bartoli said afterwards that when they walked out, she could see the nerves in Lisicki’s eyes, and recognised it from her own performance when she crumbled in the 2007 final.

Lisicki’s strongest weapon, her serve, folded under the pressure, and she could barely get it over the net. While Bartoli sought to capitalise on a wavering opponent, Lisicki was doing all she could simply not to dissolve into tears.

You’d think that would be that, but in the second set, when she hit the odd winner, she’d give the fist pump and a shout – clear evidence of competitive urges, and it seemed Bartoli was now wobbling. The finish line was too close though, and Bartoli closed in on the title.

I was reminded of Jana Novotna, who choked in a final and blubbed like a girl – she came back to win the title later. I was also reminded of Andy Murray, who lost the 2012 final and the blubbed like a girl – he came back to win the title in 2013.

Will Lisicki come back to win the title? No-one knows, because that’s sport, but she will be back, and the 2013 experience won’t destroy her, it will strengthen her. There’s an oft quoted line about it not being important how many times you fall, it’s how many times you get up that counts.

I think it’s safe to say that the 2013 final was a setback for Lisicki, but it’s also safe to say she’ll be getting back up, and it’s a great self improvement lesson seen in the one-on-one combat of the biggest tennis tournament of all.

Sabine Lisicki a loser? On that day yes, but long term I suspect not.

Ok, let me know what you think, I love the feedback!

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  • I am sure what all you mentioned is correct. Not sure if in next year she will emerge as the winner, but she definitely must have learned. She will come out stronger & more resolute now. She definitely took a lesson in self improvement.

    Nice one 🙂

    • Yes, it may be that she will never win, that her chance has gone, but that’s the nature of sport. No doubt though, that she will learn from the experience, and won’t be so nervous next time.

    • Well, she is a professional, so nothing wrong with it being about the money. Also she’s on the up, more so than she’s ever been, so combine that with a hunger to return to the final and not fold, and I fancy her chances. Plus, her smile and enthusiasm appeals to me – none of the moaning and griping you get from some (mentioning no names…ok, Serena)!

  • You really describe all this so well, Gordon, and I want to cheer for this lovely girl! All the best to her-she sounds like she has a lot of potential!

    • Thanks Amy,
      Yes, it’s very easy to like her. It was a bit uncomfortable to see her in distress, but mesmerising also in a nowhere-to-hide way.
      I can’t wait to see how she progresses, there’s another article in it if she wins Wimbledon! 😉

    • I think she draws people to like her, because at the top of posrt there is little extravagant displays of emotion. I was struck by Marion Bartoli saying she wanted to go over the net and give her a hug because she recognised it from her own 2007 final. Of course Marion went on to do exactly what Sabine would do in the same situation – pressed on to beat her!
      I bet Sabine gained a whole slew of new fans!