Self Improvement – The Worst Week Of The Year?

worst week of the year?The second week of January is often said to be the worst week of the year for many, with levels of unhappiness at their highest. You can probably guess what my reaction is to that, can’t you..?

It does seem to go a bit quiet on the news front in the New Year, so unless there’s a major story going on, there are lots of features in the media on how to look back on the previous year, and how to look forward to the new one.

In lots of cases, so the story I read went, people are so unhappy in that second week of January, with depression levels at their highest, and high suicide rates. Nothing to laugh at there.

It’s because the Christmas season is well and truly over, the last remnants of festive chocolate are being shifted at sale prices (not for long once I’ve been round), and lots of people are back at work.

Of course there are many people who don’t have the luxury of a break over the festive season, but for those that do, coming back to work after the hype and anticipation surrounding Christmas can be a deflating experience.

The feeling of goodwill is replaced by the stark reality of going back to normality, and another year beckons of the same. The problem is that it’s another year of not doing what we want, with our actual lives being different from the life we want or thought of.

Nothing to do but bunker down and get on with it, right?

Er, well, here’s the reaction I mentioned at the start of the article – of course not!
No, of course you don’t have to just get on with it, you can change it!

It might not be easy, it might be a long effort with a lot of work involved, but that doesn’t make it impossible. The time needed and work required *is* what puts most people off though, along with fear of failure, and fear of ridicule from others.

I’ve written for many years that New Year resolutions can be harmful because they are treated so jokingly, that goals can be set at any time of year, but with January depression being a real problem, if you’re reading this fearing another year of the same old same old, then why not make this year the year that it all changes?

Seriously, why not?

Take responsibility for your life, your current circumstances. If you don’t like them, decide to do something about it, and make firm goals.

Then research how others achieved the goal, as it’s unlikely you will be the first. Work backwards from the goal to work out the next thing you need to do to get you further towards your goal, and then do that first thing.

Believe me, that little plan you’ve just read could change your life. I can write about it all I want, you can read about it all you want, but in order for your life to be different this year, *you* will have to take the action.

It may seem scary, but that’s ok, it’s a perfectly normal reaction. If you get stuck in though, instead of being led by circumstance, you’ll be taking the reins of your life, and it can be the most liberating thing you’ve ever done!

Fancy trying it? Great! Pick your goal, and go for it, let me know what it is, I might be able to help. The year doesn’t have to be bleak and dreary, it can be bright and fulfilling, so how about making the worst week of the year the start of the best year so far!

Ok, do let me know what you think, and feel free to share this article if you enjoyed it.

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
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  • This is a great post and I totally agree with you! I keep a list of 100 goals (that usually has more on it than 100) and they keep me focused. Some may seem easy and some may seem pie in the sky but I know I will achieve them all. I so love to cross them off! 🙂

    • Hi Lauri,
      I love the idea of 100 goals. I’ve seen it before but never actually done it myself – maybe I’ll give it a go thisi year!

  • Yes, there are many unhappy people around Xmas time as there is so much pressure to be happy – and buy, buy, buy at Xmas. Marketers would love us to believe consumerism creates happiness. Is it any wonder that people are unhappy after Xmas when the reality sets in. Consumerism does not create happiness.

    • You’re right Deb that the presuure to buy at Xmas is unrelenting. New Year is a good time to beat that idea fo false happinbess, by putting plans in place to go for goals that *really* make us happy!

    • All the more reason to sit down and plan, and then get stuck into, some worthwhile goals – it can blow that dullness away!

  • The past holiday season makes no difference to me. As you grow older, nothing changes, especially with no family around. However, I look on the coming year with a fresh outlook. Great advice about taking action.

    • Hi Francene,
      I’m sort of with you on that one – a good way not to suffer a post hype deflation is not to sign up to the hype in the first place! Yes, action is the key, it’s always the key!