Simple September Seaside Sunset – It’s Christmas!

September Seaside SunsetAs September rolls around each year, we know what that means – the Christmas stuff appears in the shops, so we can forget about summer, and forget about our goals for the year – right..?

Er, no, not right! Wrong!

I took these pictures at the seaside, enjoying a stroll as the sun set. There is a sandbank there, meaning you can walk right out from the beach, with the sea on either side. As you can see on this day, the sea was calm, still in fact, with only the merest lapping of the waves.

I could hear the seagulls, I could hear kids playing, and the air smelled like, well, summer. That was what struck me as I soaked up a simply glorious couple of hours, and it really made me focus on the point of giving up on our goals.
Seaside Sunset September
There are many ready made excuses for not seeing our goals through, or not even starting them, and this time of year provides a cracking one – that there’s no time left now this year, I’ll start next year.

What!? There are still 4 months left in the year! Still a whole third of the year left!
The Christmas stuff appears in the shops for commercial competition reasons, it does not appear because the year is over.

If you’ve been procrastinating, and haven’t started your goal, or maybe aren’t as far along as you’d hoped, why not use this September marking post as a *starting* post rather than an end post.

Whether you do that or not, is something that is vital when it comes to goal achievement, and that’s a choice. Your choice.

You can choose to decide that the year is on wind down, that there’s no time, that summer is over and winter is here. Or you can choose to decide that there is plenty of time, the date is only an issue if you make it an issue, and that you can get lots done towards your goal in the 4 months you have left.

I’ll say it again, it’s a choice, and the choice is yours. Not anyone else’s. Letting yourself be influenced by others is another choice that is your to make.

Look to your goal, Look at where you are now, Work out the steps between the two, and that process will lead you to the next step you need to take. Guess what you do then..?

Yep – you take it.

Believe me, taking that step can lead you to marvellous places, some great adventures. I know, because I’ve done it. Yes it can be scary, and I know that from personal experience too, but the pleasures it can bring you can be amazing.
Nature's bedside lamp!
The simple September seaside sunset I enjoyed was amazing, I wish I could have captured it in a bottle (of course part of the joy of it is that you *can’t* capture it!), but it inspired me to make the most of the remaining four months of the year – what action will *you* be inspired to take?

Do let me know what you think – feel free to comment, share, etc, I love the feedback!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
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  • Goals can be set at any time. Otherwise, it’s just an excuse for procrastination. I was putting off going on a particular weight reduction program which I saw as the way I needed to go to reach a goal of good health because it’s a permanent life style change. I was 50 lb overweight, prediabetic, hobbling around with a bad knee and I had every excuse not to start dieting. I could write a book full of those excuses! Finally, in early November of last year, I decided I was going to do it because there would never be any “good time”, ever! I didn’t care any more that the holidays were coming up, or that the first meeting (this program encourages you to go to weekly meetings) conflicted with a birthday lunch I couldn’t go to – I was going to set and reach that goal! And I did it, all through the holidays, all through every other occasion and excuse, and have now reached the 40 lb mark. So, you are right. If you have a goal to set, don’t use the “I’ll do it next year” excuse. Or next month, or next week. Do it now.

    • Thanks for the great reply Alana!
      An impressive story of decision making and results, all starting in Novemeber! Proves my point perfectly, so thanks for that, and well done to you!

  • I like the pictures, nice shots. I absolutely agree, there is no time like now to start back in pursuit of your goals. It is definitely a decision one has to make. I believe it has a lot to do with the person’s belief system also. I like the article, keep sharing that inspiration you have.

    • Thanks Karl,
      yes, it was such a lovely evening, I was able to put myself in the moment and just enjoy it for what it was, but it certainly got me thinking about the possibilities that go wasted simply because people put things off at the easiest excuse.
      Thanks for stopping by,
      cheers, Gordon

  • I have always loved fall in particular September because it’s a time to begin something fresh and new and you can feel it it in the crispiness in the air, while still feeling the lingering summer warmth. So it is time for a new adventure.

    • I totally agree Linda, so much inspiration to be taken from the conditions around us, and yet so many choose to view things with a negative perspective! What a waste, and I’ll keep plugging away trying to change people’s minds!
      Cheers, Gordon

  • Lovely pictures. September always feels like a new start to me because I have spent such a long time being educated, plus it’s my birthday so it was always even more noticeable that I was at a new school or on a new course. But it’s so true that we can start – or start again – any time and I believe we all have our own personal rhythm, and for me growing up, a bit late, means partly that I am becoming more aware of that. I have some new things starting at the moment, and am wrapping some other things up. Taking small steps on the new ones, even if I can’t see very far along the path, means that something is happening in the world rather than just inside my head! Thanks for a thought-provoking post.

    • You make a great point H! Taking action is the key, even if small steps – taking things from the head to the real is a great way of putting it, and it makes such a big difference to building habit and momentum.
      It was such a lovely evening, so warm, and only a 30 minute odd hop in the car.

  • I won’t let the Winter stop me!! 🙂 … Like Harriet I also see September as a new start. I offer online services also and they are great for promoting in Winter when people can sit indoors and complete a confidence course ready for spring YAY 🙂

    • I also find it hard to imagine September as some sort of signal to wind down for the year, which is why I’ll continue trying to change the minds of those that do! 😉
      cheers, Gordon