Sometimes You Should Just Stop And Take In The View…

This is the next in a series where I look a little closer at some of my quote images, and for this one, I’m going to be looking just that little bit *closer*…

Sometimes You Should Just Stop And Take In The View…

I took the picture in June 2015, at Whitstable on the Kent coast. I nearly didn’t take it at all, and the reason for that kind of drives home the point I want to make, so here’s the story behind it, and how it relates to you!

This stretch of coastline is around 30 minutes away in the car. I really enjoy it there, because there’s a great long promenade which goes on for a few miles, and there’s just the most lovely open view of the sea. I love going down there when there’s a clear forecast coinciding with the sunset, because it makes for some great photos.

In fact I use a lot of sunset photos from there in my other quote images, and this was just such a trip. It had been a lovely walk, soaking up the fresh air and watching the sun go down. Back in the car, just ready to leave, I took a last look out of the window, and saw this view with the bench.

I’m not actually sure the photo does it justice, because the bench is actually at the top of a bank that goes down to the prom and the beach. I saw the bench and thought of the ‘enjoy the view’ idea, combined with perhaps a more maudlin point, that the bench has no-one on it, meaning that if we don’t enjoy the moments while we have them, they’ll be gone…

Ok, violins away(!), let’s focus on the more cheery side – the stopping to take in the view. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘stop and smell the coffee!’ – well, this is my version, and here’s why it’s just as valid!

"Gordon Bryan" "The Great Gordino"

It’s all about abundance, and appreciating it.

I have good health, which means I can earn a living which allows me to run a car on the road. That allows me to take 30 min drives down to this coastline, with snacks that I can afford to buy. There is no massive cost to the trip, the sea is not going anywhere anytime soon, nor is the sun for that matter!

Most of us don’t take in the view, we don’t appreciate what’s around us, because our focus is either on moaning about what we don’t have, or on striving a driving towards something.

The moaning is not good, the striving is good, but either of them can stop us from taking *deliberate* timeouts, to actually stop and make the effort to appreciate what we have – what we have right around us, and what we have right now.

So many people in the world do not have the opportunities that we take for granted. If you’re reading this, then you’ll be online on a device of some sort, and it’s just taken for granted. Think of what abundance that is! Don’t take it for granted, it should be fully appreciated!

I can be as bad as anyone at overlooking abundance in favour of a good old moan, but I’m aware I do it, and I also make concerted effort to allow the abundance in – I make the effort to go to places where I can wind down, fill my lungs with fresh air, soak up the joy, recharge, let myself get things in perspective.

In fact, it’s doing *precisely* that, which allowed me to get this shot. I was having that one last glance after an evening of sunset strolling, and my focus on taking in the view allowed me to notice this shot of the bench looking out on to the last paint strokes of sunset.

So, ask the question of yourself – when was the last time *you* did it? When was the last time you stopped to take in the view, to appreciate the abundance all around you?
It may sound corny, and it may need a few goes before it feels more comfortable to do it, but once the habit kicks in and you start seeing things with a more appreciative view, your outlook changes for everything else.

Try it and let me know.

As ever, I love the feedback – leave a comment!

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