The Blog Writing Benefits Of Diet And Exercise!

Creating content can be a real hurdle for bloggers. I enjoy writing, so it’s not a hurdle for me, but I have noticed something as I write, and it’s tip from diet and exercise which will help you with your own writing…

Blogs need content. While some blog models allow you to put up a defined amount of content and then leave it, the common blogging model is to keep providing new content. That’s what gives a visitor a reason to come *back* to your blog.

I see so many people say they are ‘scared’ or ‘worried’ about having to come up with new content. Well, there are several ways around this. I’ve written a series of articles on how you can use content that’s already *on* your blog, or use content written by other people

All well and good, but it really is ideal when you can come up with fresh new content all by yourself – not only does this obviously fuel your blog, that content can then be used in so many other ways as well.

More of that in other articles though, so what’s the tip I talk about in the title, to do with dieting and exercise…?

Well, it’s habit and momentum.

I’m not a massive fan of diets – I prefer sustainable healthy eating, and as raving chocoholic I know planning is needed.

I am a fan of exercise – I enjoy it and feel the benefit. The more I do it, the more I want to do it, and that leads into my point.

When you start a diet (or a healthy eating plan!) you begin to look at calories. Part of healthy eating can be as simple as calorie reduction, and you find yourself getting into the habit of noticing foods that have huge calorie numbers.

You can train yourself to eat less of these, and in time you mind less because you see the benefit of it in your body shape or health situation.

Linking this to exercise, you start to notice how many calories you are burning when you do it. This helps to provide incentive to do more, and also helps with the eating plan, because when you see those high calorie foods, you know the effort it will take to burn that number off.

There is the added benefit from exercise that it releases endorphins – you may feel tired or exhausted when you finish, but you feel *great* at the same time, and that’s the endorphins at work. That feel good factor keeps you coming back.

Plus, however hard your exercise was the first time, the second time it’s less hard, even if only slightly, and the next time it’s less hard still. You begin to look forward to that easiness, and the increase in ability.

It’s the same to a large extent with writing…
The more you do it, the more you get used to doing it. You see the benefits, and you enjoy the process. You get used to structuring your articles, and you get used to pacing your writing, meaning you know whereabouts you are in the article.

You get used to seeing new article ideas spring up in the middle of writing – you may find that each article you write gives you ideas for another 2, which you may not have got so easily otherwise.

Basically the whole process becomes something you are used to – it becomes a habit rather than a trial, a pleasure rather than a chore, and the momentum builds on itself as you see the benefits.

So, the process of writing can have benefits that I liken to diet and exercise – the more you do, the easier it gets and the results visibly build up.

That’s it for today – let me know what you think – I love the feedback!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
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  • Great twist … I can easily apply this to blogging but struggle with finding a stimulating exercise routine. So your blog helped me with a twist 🙂

    • Hi Kama,
      oh you’re right, exercise has to be stimulating, or like diets with no treats, it just won’t last – how about sport of some sort?
      Cheers, Gordon

  • Super! I wholeheartedly agree with respect to both the healthy lifestyle thing and writing. The more I write, the more I can write, as I found the first time I did the UBC. These days, stopping is more the issue! I exercise loads, and do lots of different things, always picking the activities I enjoy most. I’m no good at dancing or any sort of competitive game, but I like being out in the elements and I love to feel tough, so do a bit of running and quite a lot of strength workouts and weights. And doing what I love keeps me coming back. But I have to keep ringing the changes, or my body and mind get bored, and I guess that’s the same for writing too. If I do too much of the same sort of thing I start to sound stale. Just as a postscript, it also applies to chocolate – the more I eat the more I want!

    • Thanks H,
      You make an interesting about ringing changes so as not to go stale.
      I find that too with writing – either need to change subject or take a break or I find myself slipping into a rut – that’s prvoen with exercise, your body gets used to the repeated stuff, and needs change to liven things up.
      I smiled when you mentioned chocolate (mind you regular readers will know I always smile at chocolate), because you can get addicted to chocolate, just as you can get addicted to the chemical rush of exercise. Similarly you can get a bit addicted to writing!
      Cheers, Gordon

  • I agree, consistensy is so critical to maintaining any healthy habit. Sometimes it takes a relapse back into an old negative habit to see and give new motivation to keeping at it. As far as blogging goes, I find it forces me into creativity as I don’t plan ahead what I am going to write. for me it typically just starts as a title and then the rest follows.

    • Hi Mark,
      Good point about falling back into old habits driving home the benefits of the new!
      Interesting to hear about your writing style – did you see my article about titles?