The Fear Of The Learning Curve…

Many things in life, if not *most* things in life, have a learning curve attached.

When things are forced upon us and we don’t have a choice, i.e. the things that life and circumstance throws at us, we get on and embark on that learning curve.

Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s difficult, but because we don’t have a choice, we get stuck in and progress along it, whether we like it or not!

When we *do* have a choice, the fear of the learning curve suddenly becomes a factor, and too often (and this is something I’ve certainly been guilty of myself), that fear stops us starting.

‘Oh, it’ll be too difficult, oh it’ll take too long, oh I won’t be good enough, oh it’ll cost money, oh it’ll take forever, what a pain in the neck that’ll be, I’d rather not bother, I can’t be bothered, I’m not *going* to bother!’

That’s a shame.

It stops too many people trying too many things, missing out on too many adventures. Quelling too many passions, ignoring too many dreams.

I was prompted to write this particular article about the fear of the learning curve, after setting out on one, to do with making of my videos, including the one above!

I wanted to try out some green screen videos, to see if that was a cheaper and more convenient way to do the videos rather than paying to use a studio every time.

Trying the green screen option meant starting from a position of zero knowledge.

So, I had to research green screen background kits, then choose and buy one. I then had to research green screen software, choose one, and buy one.

Then I had to set about trying combinations of video set ups, ad working out how to use the editing software to get the best results.

Some of the stuff I found easier than other parts, and some of the parts I found extra hard to learn!

The learning curve was not always easy, but as I made progress, I took comfort in the fact I *knew* I was making progress!

I could have been put off by the things I’d have to learn, but that would have left me without any green screen video options, simply because I wasn’t prepared to try and test a few things.

I wasn’t going to accept that!

Rather than be intimidated I decided to just start – start to test things, start to see results, and it’s only by getting the initial results that allowed me to tweak things to see how that affected results.

There’s no other way, if we are to progress.

Of course, it’s always a choice to not go on the learning curve, to just remain where we are. That’s not *necessarily* wrong, but I do feel that if we’re making that choice, we need to be aware that we’re making that choice!

As it happens, I think it’s a shame if we make that choice. Firstly because in many cases, and I’d suggest it’s more often than not, we find that things weren’t as hard or as difficult as we’d originally thought, so we are holding ourselves back because of *imaginary* difficulties!

Secondly, as I mentioned previously, learning curves will be forced on us by life, that’s just the way of things, so if we are going to go on those forced learning curves, doesn’t it make sense to take on board the fact that we are capable of going on these trips, and decide to set out on curves of our own choosing?

Learning curves that we’ve picked, because we know they’ll move us towards goals that mean something to us?

That has to better doesn’t it?

So, look to your learning curves. Realise the curves you’ve been on that you might not have chosen, understand your ability to do them, and then look at the ones you know full well you’ve been putting off.

Isn’t it about time you put the fear of the learning curve to one side, and stepped out onto it instead?

Try it, it can change your life.

I’d love to hear what you think, do leave a comment about your own learning curves – either ones that you took on, or ones you’re still afraid of!

‘Til Next Time as ever,
Health & happiness,
P.S. One way of getting over the fear of the learning curve is by setting intention, which is all covered in my free 8 Step Goal Achievement Formula!

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