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"Gordon Bryan"
Written by gordino

As we crack into another year, I’m slightly changing focus with my Facebook pages, as I focus on my plans for the year, and I’d love to hear what you think…

During 2016, Facebook changed the way they focus on pages. At the start of the year, they really liked images on pages – the images created great interaction and engagement, which kept people on FB for longer, which is all good for FB’s business.

As the year went on though, Facebook decided to push video in a way they hadn’t done before. That focus went through different phases, from longer videos, to shorter videos, to silent videos, to FB lives, as they try to find which ones gets the best results from FB’s point of view.

Any page not doing these videos went to the back of the queue as far as FB was concerned.

For my Transform Your Life Now page, other pages stopped sharing my own images, which meant the reach went downhill, so much so that the time spent on doing it became way more than the value coming back.

I also started to wonder that although the core message of the page is clear from the title, my own style of that message was maybe clashing a little.

That style is based on a belief that anyone can make amazing changes in their life by following tried and tested theories, formulas if you will, with action at the centre of it all. All well and good, but I also like to focus on passion, because if not then you end up asking what the effort is all about, and humour, which is massively important for me.

Laughter is vital.

So, with the reach of the Transform Your Life page falling off a cliff, I decided that I will still post my articles, images and videos to that page, plus return share for anyone sharing my content, I would switch my focus to my other page, The Great Gordino Newsletter.

I feel this gives me more range to include the humour stuff, which might have felt a bit out of place on the other page.

Part of my belief about the changes anyone can make in their life is down to the opportunity the internet provides us. It’s what I call an abundance of opportunity, because now more than at any time up to now, anyone can leverage this opportunity to turn it into money, and money is one of the key barriers to people living in line with the real, authentic self, with their passions and joys.

So, my focus for 2017…

The twin attack of the self improvement side, and the side of making money from your passions.

I’ll be pushing both of those hard this year, offering massive value, both paid and unpaid, for anyone who chooses to follow.

I’d love to hear what you think! I’d love to hear about your plans for 2017 – your passions, what you feel might be holding you back, how you’re going to push on, what’s going to be different from 2016 etc.

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I will be seeing progress on various fronts in 2017. Not ‘might’, but *will*, and I really would like to have you along for the ride.

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,

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