The Great Gordino Newsletter 08/10/12 – “Should Have Done It Ages Ago”

I hope all is well with you.

I must admit I can be terrible for putting things off – in fact I meant to write a newsletter about it ages ago, but never got round to it. With one business, and one personal example, I have taken action…

I ran the London Marathon in 2008. I meant to keep up the running afterwards, because I knew that it had been good for me and that it was a habit thing – break the habit and it fades away.

What broke the habit for me was needing new running shoes. When I was training I had researched training plans and equipment, and knew that after the race I should be getting a new pair of shoes.

I went online to buy them from the same site I had used before, only to find they didn’t have my size. That didn’t concern me, I’d just wait until they were back in stock.

They never did come back in stock, and despite searching all over the internet it seemed that brand and make no longer went up to my size! That meant having to find a new shoe that worked for me – it can be quite a trawl to do that, so it became something I would get round to.


Then after the summer of Olympics and Paralympics (4 years later!) I felt inspired to get out there again, and even then it took me several weeks to find a new shoe that seemed to do the job.

Out came the credit card, the shoes arrived, and yesterday I went out for my first run.

I was impressed with myself. Unimpressed that it had taken so long, but impressed that I had done it eventually – better late than never at all, eh?

On the business side of things, my example is all about PLR – private label rights. A successful online business model is to sell PLR to your articles. You write the content, others buy the licence and then use that content with their name attached.

It’s a great way to monetise a writing skill, and the work written once can sell many times over.

I had bought some guides from other PLR sellers, but something was nagging at me, and it was this…

How would I differentiate myself?

My answer was to come up with a restriction on the number of licenses and other tweaks to the established model. I got advice from various people that I should stick to the established route to see if that worked first, and then maybe try something different if I felt I needed to.

That quandary put me into a limbo where I wasn’t taking action, I was stuck because I was unsure of the model I was using.

So now, and this is something regular readers will know I write about all the time, I have pulled myself together and made a decision. I’m going to go with the established model, give that a shot and see what happens.

I have set the site up, and aim to start with articles in the fields of goal achievement and online business. I’ve also set up a mailing list, which allows free subscribers the chance to take advantage of subscriber only deals, like buying individual articles, or rights to articles of mine not even on the PLR site.

I’m after feedback, so I’d love it if you went and took a peek and let me have your thoughts:

Ok, that’s it for now. I’m off to massage my aching legs after yesterday’s run, and if you are angry at yourself for putting something off, set that anger aside and do whatever it is you had put off – you’ll feel great!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
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    • Thanks Harriet,
      I’ve often wondered what is behind my procrastination, and I conclude my upbringing has a good deal to do with it. It was comfortable to the degree that there was never much ‘urgency’ or ‘must do’ about things. I almost have to create my own urgency!
      As for the PLR site, I’m hoping to fill it up with a good deal more articles than the current single pack on offer! lol
      Cheers, Gordon

  • Hey Gordino,

    Isn’t that the truth! We get stuck with an idea and because we feel we do not have the right tools (in case of yourself, the specific shoes you wanted), the know how, the right idea…and we procrastinate. Precious time passed. As Dean Holland, an IM coach, once said…it does not have to be perfect, just take action.

    I checked out your PLR site. It has a really great look!

    Best of luck,


    • Thanks Dita,
      speaking of Dean, another joint student is Elisa, who also gets coaching from Alex Jeffreys. One of his mantras is to ‘make mistakes quickly’, because if something is a mistake, it will still be a mistake now OR in the future, so get that part of the learning curve out of the way.
      It’s something I had failed to do, and I’m using post Olympic motivation along with the QSC to get progress going!
      Cheers, Gordon

  • We all have great intentions but like you said just one little detour and off we go onto the next great intention. As long as we see the error in our way then I believe we can learn from it and hopefully not be put off again so easily the next time.

    • Thanks Shawn,
      I do get annoyed with myself about it, because it’s one the things I have written about many times! However, I also write that getting angry with yourself only serves purpose if we then use it to finally get the things done. Whatever it takes to break the mental barrier to progress!
      Thanks for the comment, cheers, Gordon

  • Oh Procrastination, such a drag, even saying or writing the word takes effort! I find procrastinating more draining than action, this was a big aha for me. Now when I feel drained of energy I question whether I have been procrastinating. When I take action I feel energised. Anyway back to you and your website … looks good, clean and simple and I get to see what you look like. Have fun with the new venture 🙂

    • Hi Kama,
      That’s a great point that action is energising as opposed to the drain of procrastination. I try not to scare animals and small children when I show people what I look like, I hope you were sitting down at the time…
      Cheers, Gordon

  • I know this sort of thing has been around a while. After all, before the internet craze, i received advertisements all the time from newsletter folks who would put my name (corporate) on the letterhead and mail it to my clients/customers for a fee. That never made sense to me- since my clients wanted material that was catered to their needs, not some generic stuff…
    And, therein lies my issue with this PLR craze. I am sure some folks buy it, but not sure that folks can generate sufficient funds to make it a worthwhile endeavor.

    • Hi Roy,
      I know several people who have been making their full time income from selling PLR – two of them I even know in the ‘real’ world, actually shaken their hands, spoken to them, all that kind of stuff!
      It can be done, but does take some effort and time – as ever it’s case of ‘suck it and see’
      Cheers, Gordon

  • “This page, in fact this site, is not a place for me to tell you about the power and usefulness of quality content.” This is a big mistake I see pretty much every small business owner make. You have to educate your clients and potential clients about the products and services you offer, why they need them, and what problems it solves for them. Not educating them is a huge contributor as to why so many people fail in their businesses.

    • Hi Amethyst,
      The market for this site is people who already know the product and how it serves them, who already buy from other sources. I use that sentence to just give them a reminding nudge.
      It’s very hard to sell PLR to people who don’t already know the uses. So in this case I don’t have to educate potential clients. They know why they need it, they know what problem it solves.
      Cheers, Gordon

  • I can relate to the procrastination. I can find nearly any excuse to NOT do something if I really want to NOT get something done! I guess everyone else is more familiar with PLR, to me it sounds very similar to the niche writers who used to write newsletters for you and put your name on it. I was always a little uncomfortable with that, people who read or purchase a newsletter, usually expect the content to be written by you or at least researched by you. That said in the internet world, I could see where buying an article or two could be helpful if it fit with your theme, not sure I’d want my name on it though…. Admittedly, I know very little (probably nothing) about PLR. Will check out you other site though!

    • Hi Emily,
      Because content can be used so many ways, it’s a powerful tool to have. For people who can write it does indeed seem odd to put your name to something someone else wrote, but if you can’t write or have no desire to, it’s a great way of getting access to content which fits your readers.
      The PLR market is a big one, so hopefully I can get a slice!
      Cheers, Gordon

  • Hi! I think the site looks great and the message is easy to understand and read. The only thing I would change is the color of the links to orange or another color that looks better with the big image on top and the title of the opt-in form so it fits all in one line – maybe “Get Updates on New Packs!”.
    Good luck 🙂

  • Thx for your post, I really enjoy your blog. Long time lurker, first time commenter, you know the drill. I tried to share this one time before, I don’t think it posted correctly…hopefully it will this time!