The Great Gordino Newsletter – 27th June 2012

I hope all is well with you.

The 3 things I wanted to talk about today are all age related – age comes to us all, it’s what we do about it that matters…

Firstly, my brother was 50.

Ooh, that’s old.

He points out that I am only 4 years behind, but that 4 years will never get any closer! I went to his birthday shindig up in London, and it was packed!

He’d hired the whole bar, and since he has been great at keeping in contact with people, there were people there form various different segments of his life, with people flying in from abroad to be there.

It was great to see, and a reminder about how much he has packed in – living and working abroad, wide job experience, performance opportunities taken over many years, and a well qualified job that helps people in need.

Pretty good so far, and with new adventures on the horizon, and I think that’s my main takeaway – being open to new opportunities, however scary they may seem at first.

The second age story is about Lonesome George, who died this week. It may not be appropriate to talk about death in the same piece as my brother’s 50th, but we all kick the bucket at some stage.

George was a giant tortoise in the Galapagos Islands, but not just any giant tortoise, he was the last of his kind. His sub species was thought to be extinct when he was found in the 70s, and as the last of his kind, he was dubbed the ‘loneliest animal on the planet’.

That’s a bit sombre isn’t it! In fact he was looked after well, and his celebrity status meant that his life was as good as it could be for a giant tortoise. There is one less breed of animal in the world this week.

George was well over 100, it was hard to date him too precisely, but something I write about a lot is that if you know you will look back and regret not doing something, then that something is something you need to get done! Or at least try!

Speaking of trying, here’s the 3rd age related story, and it’s about a young’un this time…

Holly Bleasdale.

I’ve written about her before here:
How High Can Holly Go?

When London was awarded the 2012 games, Holly didn’t even know what pole vault was.
When Yelena Isinbayeva won gold in Beijing in 2008, Holly had still never tried it.
Yet a few weeks away from London, who is one of Isinbayeva’s main challengers?
A certain H.Bleasdale from Britain.

At the trials event this weekend, Holly broke her own national record, and is in ripe form to really challenge, and she only tried the event a few years ago because her mother suggested it.

So, that’s 3 age stories this week, be prepared and open for new opportunities that you might never have considered. Take action and it can really take you places. If you can hit 50 with lots of things ticked off your list you are doing well, and don’t look back with regret.

Ok, that’s it for this week, I’m off to raise a glass to Lonesome George – do give me your feedback, like, tweet, share, etc – thanks!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
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  • As the ever so slightly older and much better looking brother of the Great Gordino (the Great Glenno, if you will ), I feel compelled to point out that this picture of me looking nerdy and pathetic is actually a posed photo from a comic play I was in (Stags and Hens ) I hope Mr Gordino will see fit to print a further photo of me looking suave and sophisticated , as is my wont. Incidentally – buy his books , heed his advice etc . I’m not biased , I’m his brother .

    • feeling a little bit guilty now…only a little bit though. I have tried to find a suave and sophisticated one, but search has proved fruitless so far.