The Great Gordino Newsletter 28/04/14 – Momentum Injection!

I’ve called this issue ‘Momentum Injection’ because that’s what I’ve decided to give myself. I’ve written many times about the value of having a coach, so I’ve followed my own advice and got myself one to perk up my online business activities.

I’ve created and sold lots of products online over the years, but now I feel I need to tidy my systems up and dovetail them all together, and a coach will help me make the necessary tweaks, and give me accountability and momentum going forward.

The coach’s name is Marc Milburn, who I found I could relate to on a few levels, on of them being that he is also a stage hypnotist, and stage performance really pushes my buttons as long time readers will know.

Why don’t you watch as I move along, and you can come along the ride, get involved yourself in the crazy yet profitable world of internet marketing!

Going forward, I’ll be:

– Resurrecting The Great Gordino Newsletter, (which is what you’re reading now!)
– Changing to a different auto responder (you’ll find out why in a later issue)
– Reworking my products and sales pages if needed (which will be!)
– Changing the design of my blog (you can see a screen capture of the old homepage below)
– Tying everything together towards a new product

Here's the home page as of Apr 2014 - time for a change!

Here’s the home page as of Apr 2014 – time for a change!

I’m excited about moving forward, and look forward to having you along – feel free to leave any comments or questions, and although I’m keeping this brief, I will leave with a motivational point from the world of sport (that’s another thing long time readers will be familiar with!)

Manchester United sacked their new manager David Moyes only a few months into the season, despite having been given a 6 year contract as Alex Ferguson’s hand picked successor.

He was never able to get the full support of the players, but I found a key point when he lost the support of the fans…

When playing their old enemies Liverpool, Moyes said before the game that Liverpool were probably the favourites. Fans and media alike pounced on the fact that Alex Ferguson would never have said those words. Never, never, never. The fact that Moyes did shouted out about his attitude, and it shouted to the fans that his level of expectation was not good enough for Man United.

In truth Liverpool were playing better than United, so calling Liverpool favourites for the game is reasonable for a neutral, but it is not ok for the manager in the eyes of the fans. He no doubt thought his team could win, but the words he chose put an immediate impression of being second best to the club.

Attitude is something that has a massive influence on your actions, which have a massive influence on your results in life. My attitude to my new injection of momentum is one of excitement – what’s your attitude to your own goals?

Do let me know what you think, I love the feedback!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,

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  • My attitude toward my daily blog is: Committed.
    I’ve been researching the news and commenting on my blog for over 500 days now and couldn’t envisage starting the day any other way.
    My secondary attitude is: Positive.
    Everything that flows from this aspect will be good.
    Good luck with your endevor.

    • wow 500 days! That’s very impressive.
      It’s also a clear result of your attitudes, because no-one will get to 500 days straight blogging without commitment and postivity – I like it!

    • I’ve sometimes found with daily blogging that it’s too much when it comes to sharing and getting activity for each post, that sometimes the content is getting lost in the volume.
      It sure does build up a body of content quickly though!

    • When I first started The Great Gordino Newsletter it was 3 times a week for a long long time, then I went to once a week. I stopped for various reasons, and when I looked at going back to it, the whole blogging/social media thing had really taken off, and I found it hard to fit in what was previously an email newsletter.

      Also, I’ve got so used to writing blog posts as stand alone articles, and putting the other more personal stuff on Facebook, that it will take some getting used to again! Once a week is a good schedule.

      I’ve always thought that one of your biggest assets is your ability to go out and meet people, but it’s not always necessary – since the internet allows us to do business 24/7 globally, many people will only ever connect with us online, which is why what they see can matter if there is never any face to face meeting.
      Cheers, Gordon