The Great Gordino Newsletter – Apr 17th 2015

I hope all is well with you.

You may remember that last week I wrote about failure and rejection – *my* failure and rejection as it happens. You do subscribe to get all the newsletters, right?

Anyway, something I’ve long written about, is the power of putting yourself out there. In the online world, I personally consider it essential, because it allows you to stand out in a crowd of people who won’t be themselves. It also means you can be genuine, because the story you deliver is your own story, and people will relate to the ups and the downs.

Before the explosion of the online world, (yes, there was such a time!), it was just as important in the ‘real’ world, and still is today.

If you put ideas out there, if you communicate, then other people will communicate back. That means ideas will flow back to you. You can then assess what comes your way – you might choose to ignore some of it, but you might find that some of the advice you get is pure gold.

All from simply putting yourself out there.

Well, when I posted it on FB as well as the newsletter, I got lots of advice. The advice about the woman mostly came *offline* with the advice about the sports journalism course coming *online*.

"Gordon Bryan"
I got some help about the possible ways to approach the local press, I also got advice about some online sites to approach where I could get my content used – unpaid, but with good exposure.

Well, I followed the advice I liked the sound of, and while some of my approaches got no response whatsoever, one did at least…

The Huffington Post.

An online newspaper/site with a massive presence, it was suggested to me to approach them. So, I sent a cold email with a pitch for an article I had written, the kind of feature article that sits at home with me, it suits my style.

I got a reply saying they’d be happy to take a look, and after I’d sent the article, they said it was ‘lovely,’ and would be happy to use it. They then me an invite to sign up as a blogger. As it happens, in their guide for bloggers, they suggest article length of 500-1000 words, which again is bang in my normal range.

The article I pitched was just under 500, as the newspaper articles I had seen seemed to be around the 450 mark.

So, I was quite excited. There is no pay for these articles, but the exposure could be good, and who knows who might see the content there. They have over 10,000 bloggers so it’s note exactly an exclusive thing, but it does mean that my content has to go through editorial judgement, which is something the sports journalism course said would benefit me.

So, I have my first 2 sports articles up there ( I can only do a max of 2 a week). If you fancy taking a peek, you can find them here:

Why Today’s TV Shouters Could Learn A Thing Or Two From Richie Benaud

Now the Women’s Boat Race Has Equality, Time To Sort Out the Heptathlon/Decathlon?

I would ask a little favour. If you enjoy them, I’d appreciate you hitting the like button there on the actual HuffPost page, plus the share button if you feel your connections on social media would enjoy it.

The same applies to comments, as the more interaction there is on that actual page there, helps me to get more exposure there. There’s also a button to be a fan of ‘me’ there, which would notify you of the articles as they come.

I did say I had written many times about the power of putting yourself and your ideas out there. The reason for me writing about it many times, (including in my book ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’), is because it works. This is just the latest example of me putting it into practice and showing you the results.

Look to your own goals – does everyone know what they are? If one action fails, do you look around and ask around for a different step to take?

I’d love to hear what you think – feedback always appreciated!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,

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  • What an achievement! I did share your second article by the way. It is so cool to see you follow your own advice.

    You looked around and discovered alternative paths to your end goal. That says a lot for you.

    • Thanks Dawn,
      It’s the kind of advice that has worked for me over and over, and I do like to try and nudge others to use it, it’s such a powerful idea!

    • Thanks Sandy,
      I was pleased to get loads of advice coming back my way, and even more pleased to then see results as a consequence of me taking action!

  • Hi Gordon,

    I knew you could do it, write for the Huffington Post. I’m so happy for you. Great news! I will look for you when I read it, looking for other bloggers to meet.

    Setting goals and following through with them is the most important thing I can do for myself and I do it on a daily basis. Without them I am lost. I use time management. I plan out my goals from a daily basis up to a year on where I want to be. in internet marketing. Thank you for writing about goals too Gordon.

    You have an awesome day and week ahead,


    • Thanks Linda,
      I was pleased, I must admit.
      It shows that my writing is now going through editorial review, which is something the college said I needed, and it may also lead to who know what if the right person sees something at the right time!
      Onwards and upwards, and it’s good ot hear you have set yourself goals, borken down to daily tasks. That really does push you ahead!