The Great Gordino Newsletter – Aug 11th 2014

I hope this week’s newsletter finds you well.

A couple of comedy items from the news caught my eye this week, comedy items that weren’t funny –

1. An Italian University if offering lectures on panic and crisis management, with guest speaker being Francesco Schettino. Schettino is also known as Captain Coward. He was captain of The Costa Concordia which crashed against rocks with the loss of 32 lives after he had taken to close, to show how close he could get to the land.

During the disaster Schettino said he ‘accidentally tripped into a lifeboat’- that may or may not get into his lecture on panic and crisis management.

2. Bernie Ecclestone, the mega billionaire who basically *is* Formula 1 motor racing, struck a deal with the court in Germany where he was facing a bribery charge and a possible ten years in jail. The deal he struck involved all charges being dropped if he paid the court $100 million.

Hmm. Now, apparently this is allowed under Bavarian law, but to anyone looking in. doesn’t making a multi million dollar payment to get out of a bribery charge smacks of, well, bribery?

See what I mean about comedy items that aren’t funny?

"Gordon Bryan"
The British weather is doing its’ normal thing, we are veering between roasting hot and pouring rain from the tail end of Big Bertha hitting us from the US. Even though our weather always varies, we never seem to be able to cope with it!

Speaking of the hot weather, I took this picture this week. It’s not of a glorious sunny scene, it of some skin I peeled from my arm – what a beauty! At this rate I’ll enough to make a patchwork quilt in no time!

On TV, the Dr.Who machine is cranking back up to speed. A new series, with a new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, starts on Aug 23rd, and a premiere was held during the week in Cardiff as the main cast set off on a world promo tour.

Dr. Who is now a massive money making business, and with both TV and sci-fi being huge niche markets, this is a great opportunity to use my FB Passion Profits method to turn that passion into profits. The book has a full money back guarantee, but I did think it was worth writing a free report covering the basics, so if you fancy looking at that, you can download it instantly at: FB Passion Profits – The Basics! It’s totally free!

After last week’s events to mark the centenary of the start of World War 1, I felt mentioning it in the newsletter wasn’t enough, so wrote a separate article about it called:
‘First World War 100 Years On – We Have To Remember’
You can read that by clicking on the link in the ‘recent posts’ section on the right hand side. There you’ll also see another post which is the first in a series of music posts:
‘ELO Cover Of The Day #1 – Telephone Line’ I do like a good cover version!

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    • Thanks Bethany!
      It’s been an interesting journey! I used to write it as an email newsletter as far back as 2003, then went away from it, and when I came back, it was all blog this, blog that. I moved my focus to stand alone articles, but am now enjoying using the blog to combine the articles with the weekly newsletter for smaller summaries. Thanks for stopping by!

    • I did lots of theatre shows travelling around South Wales – I used to call it ‘atmospheric’ when the rain was hammering down! 😉