The Great Gordino Newsletter – Aug 18th 2014

I hope all is well with you.

Another week with lots going on!

Robin Williams passed away. Lots of celebrities die, in fact Lauren Bacall also died this week, but whereas Bacall died of a stroke at a grand old age, Williams killed himself at a relatively young age, and his battles with depression brought lots of discussion. I wrote a separate article about it here, with some personal experience to help describe what it’s like to have it:
Robin Williams And The Darkness Of Depression.

Here in the UK, the house of singer Sir Cliff Richard was searched by police in connection with an allegation of historic sexual abuse. The singer, who has been selling records since the late 1950s(!), hundreds of millions of them, was at one of his properties in Portugal at the time, but the search of his property was covered live on the BBC, as a camera helicopter hovered overhead.

There’s something not right about this. He hasn’t been charged of anything yet, but in the same way that other celebrities like Freddie Starr, Jim Davidson and Jimmy Tarbuck had their names tarnished, it’s now Cliff’s turn.

Guilty or innocent, is it right that the taxpayer funded BBC, respected around the world, and the taxpayer funded police work together to have a live broadcast of the police turning up at his house?

The police say the BBC were going to reveal the raid unless the police agreed to keep them informed of when it would be. The police also denied it at first. Questions need to be asked here.

You may remember me celebrating athlete Jo Pavey’s bronze in the Commonwealth Games. Well she has now won her first ever gold medal, in the 10,000 at the European Championships this week.

She’s become a bit of a media figure this week, showing what can be achieved by ‘old’ people, and her down to earth style has endeared her to people who haven’t watched her all these years like I have. Another article in the works there I think!

The English Premier League started this weekend, I wrote about that here:
When Did Football Get So Ugly?

It’s one of the richest sporting leagues in the world, and there’s plenty of money to be made online.

One of the other richest sporting leagues is the NFL, and that is also about to start again very shortly – also plenty of money to be made.

Candlestick Park is an iconic stadium for American Football, but money and ‘progress’ means the 49ers don’t play there anymore, and the last concert there was held this week, by Paul McCartney. Very fitting, as Candlestick was the last stadium show The Beatles played back in the 60s, before they gave up as they just couldn’t hear themselves and suspected the audience couldn’t hear them either.

Back then the sound was just their amps going through the tannoy public address system! Needless to say, music is another industry with lots of money to be made.

Dr. Who starts again this week, with the eagerly anticipated new Doctor played by Peter Capaldi. Sci-Fi and TV are two more niches with plenty of money to be made, to go along with those of sport and music.

The reason all those industries make money is passion, and the internet of today allows pretty much anybody to grab a slice of that pie. I explain it in my book ‘FB Passion Profits!’ There is an option to get a free report covering the basics there, but the main book only costs a few dollars, and there’s a full money back guarantee if you don’t like it.

Ok, let me know what you think about any of this week’s topics!

‘Til NextTime,
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    • Thanks Donna,
      I do get frustrated sometimes when people say that passion doesn’t matter – it is indeed what drives millions all around the world.

  • It certainly was a week full of events worth commenting on, isn’t it. Here in the United States, the shooting death of a teenager by a policeman in Ferguson, MO and its aftermath is one of the leading items in our news. The sad death of Robin Williams. And for me, the demise of Candlestick Park in San Francisco. This park was used for more than just football; it was, for many years, the home park of the San Francisco Giants baseball team. It was famed for the fogs that would roll in – although the Giants haven’t played there since 1999, it was where they played in my childhood. (And speaking of money to be made….major league baseball has found the secret.)

    • I didn’t know about the Gaints Baseball, the NFL has gained a massive foothold here despite minimal coverage, but baseball has a long way to go this side of the pond! I think the Premier League’s success has been based on seeing the model of both the baseball and the gridiron, and going for the TV money with a marketable product.
      That shooting didn’t get much coverage when it first happened, but it has done since -it all sounds bad in many ways, the police apparently detaining journalists?

  • Hi there!
    I enjoyed reading this collage of news for the week that just passed, sure it was eventful. The most shocking for me was to find out about Robin Williams’ death. I grew up seeing his movies and I was so sad to find out that he passed away.

    • Yes Rally,
      I think that’s why it had such a big impact – so many had his movies fixed in their psyche and it’s a contradiction to then think of him passing away like that,
      thanks for stopping by!

  • Wow, so much here Gordon! As someone whose work focuses on the rights of people being investigated by the police I applaud your questioning about the Cliff Richard investigation. One of the things I have heard in the media is people asking why they didn’t give him notice, and all I can say is a very unprofessional, ‘well, duh!’ as the whole point of a search is to be a surprise so that evidence is not got rid of. But an entirely different thing for the media to get hold of the information before it happens and there is obviously a big fail somewhere.

    I was so delighted to see Jo Pavey do so well at last. It’s a great encouragement for women and mothers in particular, as long as we don’t beat ourselves up because we can’t do what she’s doing – obviously she is Superwoman in a sense!

    I went to Candlestick Park three times in 1989 to watch baseball games so I feel as if I am a bit of history. I didn’t understand a single thing that was going on in the game, however!

    Thanks for your usual entertaining run-down.

    H 🙂

    • I love how you casually throw in going to Candlestick Park – I’m a bit jealous!
      I’m amazed how fast the top athletes actually go – because they all go pretty much as fast, you don’t get the sense of it, but when you consider the lap times, they are really shifting!

      I can’t believe the police tried to somehow justify their actions by saying the BBC effectively blackmailed them into it! That would be funny if it wasn’t really what they said, but they did!

  • Hi Gordan,
    What a round up of the week!. I wondered why your blog post titles were just you blog title plus the date. Not good SEO I thought, but then I read through it all and realised that you probably couldn’t make up a headline that could encompass all the happenings that you write about and comment on.
    It’s good to see though that personal blogs still exist as opposed to the marketing and niche blogs we all seem to be writing these days. Long may this one continue, in fun and in sadness.

    Steven Lucas

    • Thanks Steven,
      I still write the stand alone articles, but find a weekly newsletter allows me to mention those articles, plus cover points which might not make it into a full article – they also keep the blog ticking over. I used to publish it as an email newsletter way back when, so am quite enjoying getting it back up to speed,

  • Hey Gordon,
    Love the collection of stories. And also love the tie in with Passion!

    Our industry certainly is one that is heavily tied into passion and belief. You have to have both to truly make it through the tough times to see your way to the “promise land”.

    Following and meeting great people with the same passion and belief, make that journey just that much better. Glad to have you in my circle.


    • Thanks Leslie,
      Yes, I think so many people fail in the internet marketing niche because they follow the money *over* their passion, but that is not sustainable, and I’m surprised some people continue to teach it as the way forward,

  • Hi Gordon, nice summary for the week. As for Passion, my impression of you through this blog is that you are really passionate about what you are doing, sharing. Look forward to read more about your breakthroughs n success stories. TIll then, have fun creating!

    Together, we make a Difference!
    To your Abundance,
    Sandy 🙂

    • Thanks Sandy,
      I thoroughly enjoy passion – both my own and those of others. I do like to share the stories, because there is such a pool of inspiration to tap into!