The Great Gordino Newsletter – Aug 26th 2014

I hope this week’s newsletter finds you well.

Kate Bush opens a tour this week. Nothing odd there, you might think, a famous singer going on tour? Well, it’s Kate’s first shows since 1979! She said she was exhausted after the last one, not that she’s taken this long to recover, she just preferred to stay out of that particular limelight.

She did ask in the build up to the shows that the audience would not use phones or tablets to stare at throughout the show. My first reaction was ‘good luck with that one Kate’ but it could go either way.

It could be the fans simply record and watch the show through their screens like they seem to at every other live show, or it could be that the devoted nature of Kate’s fans means that people will stop doing that. Or, it could be that the die hard fans start a punch up with any fan that tries it!

Richard Attenborough died this week. Lord Attenborough. He was involved in some great films, on both sides of the camera. My favourites? The Great Escape, The Flight Of The Phoenix, Jurassic Park, Chaplin.

There’s lot of ice flying around the moment – flying over people’s heads as they take the ice bucket challenge. The challenge went viral as people accept the challenge from someone else and then nominate others in turn, to raise money for charity.

I was nominated, but didn’t do it. Bah humbug me, right? Well, I don’t think so. As it happens, I don’t think I’ve taken part in *any* challenge/tag ideas online. When the challenge first started, it stated that you had to donate $10 as well as pouring ice water over yourself – or, you could avoid the challenge but you had to donate $100 in that case.

More recently the whole charity aspect has virtually disappeared from the viral campaign, but I don’t enjoy being told when to donate to charity, which charity, or how much, nor do I enjoy the peer pressure aspect of ‘you have to do it’

Now, having said that, do I have a problem with others doing it? No, I don’t.
People are having fun with it. Lots of fun. It’s also raised a lot of money to help researching a cure for a thoroughly horrible illness. I’m enjoying watching them, but don’t waste a nomination on me, it won’t be happening!

I’ve had an odd week. Having realised this summer how much my passion for sport was at least equal and probably more than my passion for entertainment, I wondered if I could do something about it.

"Gordon Bryan"
I researched what’s called the clearing system to get into University, which is how universities with spare places connect with students who didn’t get onto their chosen course, or late applicants like me!

Anyhoo, I found a course at Southampton Solent University, studying Sports Journalism. I’ve applied, and have been offered a conditional place.

There are many problems (er, challenges!) – the course starts is a couple of weeks or so, so I would have to sort out accommodation and moving. Also, the course costs £9,000 each year for 3 years, and it seems I would be unlikely to get the student loan available to many, so I would have to fund it myself.

I do worry that although the idea appeals to me, a lot, it’s an idea that has come to me too late this year, that I might be rushing into a very expensive 3 year commitment on what could be no more than a whim.

I’ve found a one year diploma for £5000 which could serve many of the same purposes, but the time issue is pressing all the decision making, and part of me says to just take a step back, and if that means I’d have to wait a year, then so be it.

Being an indecisive type doesn’t exactly help either!

Ok, I hope you have a good week, and as ever would love to hear your opinions!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. If I take the uni place, I will be following the ideas in my own book ‘FB Passion Profits’ and there’s no reason why you couldn’t do the same. Even though the book has a 100% money back guarantee, I also created a totally free guide to cover the basics, so you can grab that right now!
FB Passion Profits – The Basics!

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  • You are really good Gordon. Like how u ended the post 😉

    Back to school…go for it. Sports Journalism sounds like a good match for u. True that there are many options available to choose. So really got to consider carefully, commitment!

    All the very best and whichever you choose, it’s the best for you 🙂

    To your Abundance,
    Sandy 🙂

    • Thanks Sandy,
      it’s all floating around in my head as a bit of a whirl – the opportunity is there, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I have to take it – so it’s decision time very shortly!

  • Gordon…is this something you have planned for? Ideas are great, but you know that without a plan and action, the dream only remains a dream.

    You said, “that I might be rushing into a very expensive 3 year commitment on what could be no more than a whim.” That alone, tells me that perhaps it deserves more thinking through.

    You kind of hit a note with me. So far this year, I have thought about getting certified as a fitness trainer, working on a doctorate in law, or adding a few more credentials to my Master’s. However, the only thing I have pursued so far, is studying for certification with Google Ad Words (and that is half-hearted).

    At the end of the day though, you have to go with what is best for you.

    • Good points Dawn, and points I have made to myself! The degree would be a plan of action, because it would open doors into a job in sports broadcasting – the issue is, it’s not the *only* way!
      I’m still waiting to hear about a one year diploma which could do pretty much the same, plpus imagining the idea of me spending 3 years with spotty drunk students…
      Time will tell, and not a lot of time either, as deadlines loom!

    • I didn’t know she was a fan of Bill’s, but no surprise I guess. I like how the link started the youtube vid at 3.55 in – that’s nifty!