The Great Gordino Newsletter- Aug 3rd 2014

I hope all is well with you as we crack into August.

"Gordon Bryan"
There was a bad fire at one of our seaside piers, at Eastbourne. I used to live in Eastbourne with the first Mrs.Bryan. It’s bringing back the memories, as that also went up in flames.

It is sad though, we had many sunset walks along there, and the cost to renovate these burnt piers is horrendous, so fingers crossed they can get it back to use again.

The Commonwealth Games finished last night. They can be seen as an odd affair because although 2 billion people around the world live in the commonwealth, the top stars in many sports do not, so they can be unfairly viewed as a sub Olympics.

That is unfair, because they never claim to be the Olympics, and while not all the stars live in the commonwealth, many of the sports featured do indeed have the world’s best in their event.

I’ll be writing a separate article about my favourite bits, but since last week I was struck the most by Jo Pavey, winner of bronze in the 5000 metres. Jo is 40. She said after the race that it would have been easy to think ‘oh I’m behind 3 Kenyans so I won’t bother to get a medal’, but she decided to forget that and go for it! That was great, and she also commented on how grateful she was for the opportunities she had. Nice.

I did find out there are no left handed hockey sticks.
Hang on, no left handed hockey sticks?

I researched online, and the best I could find was it’s a safety thing. In other places it said that left handers had actually had an advantage playing right handed – I still can’t quite get my head around it to be honest!

"Gordon Bryan"
The 4th August sees the 100th anniversary of Britain declaring war on Germany. Some people say it shouldn’t be celebrated, but I think that problem is easily solved by using the word ‘remembered’ instead.

It was supposed to be the war to end all wars because the death and destruction was so great that we had to ensure it didn’t happen again. Unfortunately, a combination of human nature and badly designed resolutions laid the groundwork for more wars, not just the second World War but all the way right up to the present day Israel/Gaza conflict, which has its’ roots to an extent in the aftermath of the first World War.

It really did change the world.

Started by politics and empire, most certainly, but what I tend to think about when I think of that war is the young soldiers, cold, wet, hungry and scared, hundreds of miles from home, as they died.

There are no veterans left alive, so it’s up to us to either forget or remember them. I choose to remember.

In case you missed them, here are 2 articles I wrote in July:

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Ok, do let me know what you think, I love the feedback!
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  • Great summary again Gordon. I enjoyed the Commonwealth Games although I didn’t manage to watch as much as I wanted to. I was so happy for Jo Pavey. I always read her column in Runner’s World. I’ve replaced my profile pic with a poppy to remember the First World War starting and have warned the Teenager that the lights will be going out at 10pm.

    • For such a big sports fan, it’s not often it makes me shout at the screen, but Jo Pavey did – what a moment!
      I’ll also be going down to a single candle tonight, with lots of thanks that I didn’t have to go through what some people had to 100 years ago,

  • The month of August has started as an emotional one hasn’t it Gordon. Lots of mixed emotions in this post. Thank you for the share and for giving me lots to ponder upon. PS. No left handed hockey sticks? Isn’t that discrimination?

    • I couldn’t believe about the hockey sticks when I found out – I had to google it, and still can’t quite get my head around it. Someone *must* have started a left handed league surely!!

  • Thanks for the summary and share Gordon. I don’t have a TV so didn’t see any of the Comnwealth Games but FB friends tell me NZ did well with 45 medals including 14 golds.
    A remembrance of the First World War is particularly important to me as my grandfather died in a German POW camp. He is buried in the Old Garrison Cemetery in Poznan, Poland where the ashes of the recaptured and shot escapees from The Great Escape WW2 were also laid to rest. I like to think he is in excellent company. Alayna

    • NZ certainly did do well – as usual some ferocious Kiwi competitiveness was on display!
      Your grandfather is indeed in good company, and it’s good that they won’t be forgotten,