The Great Gordino Newsletter – Dec 16th 2014

I hope today finds you well.

It’s that time of year when everyone’s gearing up for Christmas. Some gearing up better than others – mentioning no names as that might not be fair on Amazon…

Oh dear oh dear.

Firstly they, along with other online retailers have been having massive problems getting deliveries out on time due to the sheer volume of sales. It seems that Black Friday and Cyber Monday ‘caught them by surprise’

Come on, caught by surprise? I don’t think so!
Secondly, there was a glitch with the Amazon software which had products priced at 1p. Word got out, and people started buying bulk purchases of expensive items, all at 1p. Not only that, Amazon then continued to charge sellers using the site with their full fees, despite Amazon making the mistake.

It seems the glitch ‘caught them by surprise’
Come on, caught by surprise? I don’t think so!

Maybe they’ll get the delivery and pricing right for next year, eh?

I had the wing mirror on my car smashed the other night. That’s 3 wing mirrors and one window smashed. Is it too much to ask for my property to just be left alone? I have to declare myself hugely frustrated that scum can come along, vandalise something that’s mine, then walk off and leave sorting out the damage.

Someone suggested putting a dashboard cam in, to catch them, but the way it’s been going for me, they’d smash another window and take the camera too…sigh…

"Dick Van Dyke"
On the movie front, the candy striped jacket worn by Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins is going up for auction. It still has the holes he was hooked up by for the flying sequence, and if you hold the jacket up to your ears you can still hear his dodgy English accent…

Estimated to go for £50,000, showing that the movies is as good a market as ever to make money in!

My sporting item this week is the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year. The live event has got bigger and bigger every year, so much so that’s it’s now held in huge indoor arenas.

"Jo Pavey"
To be honest, I think it looks a bit ridiculous like that, but it is nice to have a reminder of the sporting moments of the year. The battle for the winner was always going to be between Lewis Hamilton and Rory McIlroy, but I was interested to see who go third.

It ended up being the person I actually voted for – Jo Pavey.
There’s something about Jo, a very down to earth athlete who has not been over polished by media training. People can relate to her, and I love the way she talks about contentment and appreciation – well done Jo, and I wrote an article about her which you can see here:

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