The Great Gordino Newsletter – Dec 9th 2014

I hope all is well with you.

I had planned to be having a bit of a giggle in today’s newsletter and also talk about a movie announcement causing excitement. All light hearted stuff, and I’m still going to write about those, but life also throws more serious stuff at us, and I saw a picture on social media last week that really caught my eye…

Tuğçe Albayrak.

Tugce died on Nov 28th, her 23rd birthday, as her parents decided to turn off the life support system that had kept her alive for 2 weeks.

Tugce had come to the aid of two girls who were being harassed by a group of men in the toilets at a fast food restaurant. Later that evening the men returned, and in a group confrontation in the car park, one of them punched Tugce in the head. She never regained consciousness.

I hadn’t spotted the story myself, it’s thanks to someone sharing it on social media that it came to my attention. The German President has praised her for her moral courage, and for not looking the other way, and is considering a petition to award her the German Federal Order of Merit.

It’s a sad story, it’s a shocking story but it’s a story that serves to remind us that for all the horrible people out there, and there are some real scum, there are people who will stand up for what’s right, who will stand up to protect others.

People like Tugce.

Onto the lighter stuff I mentioned earlier, I emailed Coca Cola recently.

I had seen an article about the fiasco at FIFA, football’s world governing body, which said that countries pulling out of the world cup or leaving FIFA was not going to happen due to financial reasons, and that the only way to force change at the top was for fans to start letting FIFA’s sponsors know what they thought.

I agreed with that, and decided I’d have a go, so I emailed Coke, saying I wouldn’t be buying any more of their products unless the report into the 2022 World Cup was published in full, and/or Sepp Blatter was no longer running FIFA.

I told them that their continued support of FIFA was sending me and my money straight to their competitors.

I didn’t expect a response, but got one, saying that they were concerned about the issue, and hoped it would be settled in a timely and transparent manner. I was surprised to get that, and it seemed like it had actually come from someone.

Then I read in the paper that Coke were ‘concerned about the issue, and hoped it would be settled in a timely and transparent manner’

Hmm. Oh well, they’ve got my message, and if other people do the same, Coke may withdraw their sponsorship money, If the other main sponsors do the same, change will come at the top of FIFA, because it’s the money that drives everything there. I can’t say I’m holding my breath…

The next Bond film, Spectre, has been announced to much hoo-ha. It’s amazing to think that the previous film Skyfall took so long to be made because the studio were in danger of going bankrupt, and yet it went on to become one of Britain’s biggest ever films at the box office.

I wonder how well this one will do?

Ok, that’s it for today – let me know what you think!
‘Til Next Time,
health & happiness,
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