The Great Gordino Newsletter – Jan 21st 2015

I hope all is well with you.

I’ve found a couple of pictures/videos catching my eye, and I’ve been a bit miffed around one of my favourites sport, the NFL. Let’s start with the pictures…

"Kai abandoned dog"
This one appeared in the papers, a dog that had been abandoned at a train station in Scotland, with a suitcase containing his toy, his blanket, his bowl and some food.
It’s a picture/story combo designed to make us say ‘aah’ and think of Paddington Bear and so on.

Partly sad that he should end up abandoned, and partly happy that he was left with his stuff. As it happens, abandoning a dog is illegal in Scotland, and it didn’t take long for the media to track down who had left him.

The woman concerned said she had bought the dog, Kai, via a selling website called Gumtree, but had panicked when she saw him, thinking he had ‘something wrong with his eyes’.

I’m not sure the story quite adds up, and in any case, looking at the woman’s picture, I’m not sure she’s in any position to talk about others having something wrong with their eyes…

Then I saw a video that made me giggle. The sport of darts has seen its’ rival World Championships take place lately, and it had me surfing you tube for some videos of darts players getting angry during matches. I’m not sure why!

Anyway, I saw this video of Ted Hankey. He’s not currently playing due to ill health, but in his heyday he got the nickname of The Count, because he had a dark, unwelcoming demeanour when he played. Nice as pie off the darts, but mean when playing.

In this video he is trying to intimidate his opponent, making mean roars and glances. I won’t tell you what happens, but the video’s less than 120 seconds, see if it makes you giggle like it did me…

I did say I found myself miffed with the NFL. As the Superbowl nears, tickets have been on sale for next season’s 3 games in London. The problem is, it’s been ‘season’ tickets that have been on sale, covering all 3 games. They work out at a reasonable price for each single game, but you haven’t been able to buy the single game tickets.

What people have been doing though, is buying up the season tickets, then using reseller sites to sell single game tickets at a massive mark up! In fact, the official price for the 3 game ticket is less than the marked up reseller price for a single game ticket!

That’s not right, because this week when the single games officially went on sale, surprise surprise, they were sold out.

All the NFL needs to do to stop this is to put the game goers name on the ticket, and make people show ID at the gate. That won’t happen though, because the NFL is more concerned with selling out the seats than whether real fans are getting stuffed by ticket touts.

Not impressed, and even though the line up for this year’s London games in maybe not the most mouth-watering, I’d have gone to the Miami/New York game. Oh well, I’ll be watching live on TV with vast quantities of chocolate, so it’s not all bad!

Ok, that’s it for this week, as ever do give me your feedback, and if you think others would enjoy the newsletter, share it around 😉

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Health & Happiness,
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  • Hi there,

    Sad about this poor dog. What a crazy woman. I guess, in a way, the dog is better off – assuming he wasn’t put down.

    Outside of actually visiting London and enjoying the sites it has to offer, I think that going to pro games are way overrated. It seems to have been taken over by advertising. Sitting at home with a group of friends is a lot of fun too.

    Enjoy the game.

    • No he wasn’t put down, in fact he starred in an advert for a charity looking after abandoned dogs. I think he now has a new home.

      I did enjoy going to my first NFL game last year, but it was expensive! The team match ups didn’t really appeal this year, so I was going to pay over the odds again – sitting at home in comfort is fine by me 😉
      Thanks as ever for stopping by!