The Great Gordino Newsletter – Jan 27th 2015

I hope all is well with you.

Two things this week – one nice, one not nice. Let’s start with the not nice…

Last year saw the 70th anniversary of the D-Day Landings and the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War. Lots of people at the time said we shouldn’t be having any events, as why should war be celebrated?

I said at the time that it wasn’t ‘celebrating,’ it was marking and remembering.

This year sees more anniversaries and today is 70 years since the camp at Auschwitz was liberated by the Soviet army. Not a holiday camp, but a death camp.

1.1 million people were killed there, over a million Jews.

I’ve been watching a few documentaries about the camps, from survivors, to the films made by the liberating troops to document what had happened there. Those films are shocking to say the least. I can’t watch them without finding myself shaking my head.

The piles of clothes. The piles of shoes. The piles of toothbrushes. The piles of bodies.

It’s distressing to watch, it’s distressing to think man’s inhumanity to man carries on in the world today, but we have to remember what happened all those years ago.

Today, on holocaust memorial day, think of how it must have been for the survivors to have been rescued on Jan 27th, and think about those who didn’t survive. It’s all too easy to think our world has ended because we have broken a nail – think again…

Ok, the nice…

If you’re reading this newsletter, you are slap bang, front and centre in a world of opportunity. Opportunity unimaginable to the prisoners of Auschwitz for example, and in fact unimaginable to anyone even a few years ago.

The wonderful tool of the internet allows us to do amazing things, and instead of moaning about what we don’t have, it allows us to do something about it, and create our own wealth, to forge our own destinies.

I wrote about this in my book ‘FB Passion Profits’ which combines the money making power of the internet and the liberating personal freedom of following your passions. This Thursday, 27th Jan, 10pm UK time, 5pm Eastern, I’m doing a video presentation where I’ll go through the book, for free. All of it, not just an overview, and it won’t cost you a penny.

There’s a picture of the book cover to the right of the blog, linking to the sales page – don’t buy it though, remember I’m going through it all on the presentation.

I’ll also cover how you can do the same without even touching Facebook because, as hard as it may be to believe, not *everyone* uses Facebook!

If you’re wondering about the picture, well that’s from the Disney movie ‘UP’. Movies are a passion for me, and in the book I give you a specific example of how I used the technique to tie in that passion. There’s another specific example showing another passion of mine, sport, and remember the Superbowl is only a few days away!

The picture also does a good job of encapsulating the idea of following your dreams, soaring high above the clouds to do it.

If you fancy the free video presentation, and it works for whatever your passion is, keep your eyes peeled for the link to it. I’ll be posting it on FB, and the blog, but it might be a good idea to sign up to my newsletter, as I’ll be sending out the link to subscribers. The box to do that is up the top right side of any page on the blog.

I deliberately waited until a while after New Year to do it, because I wanted the wash of New Year Resolutions to fade. Most people have failed on them by now, given up already, and I’ll be honest, I want people watching who are genuinely intending to take action this year, to make this year the one that something different happens.

Come along for the ride..? Here’s the link:
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” target=”_blank”>Video Presentation – Online Passion Profits!

Ok, ‘til next time (which is hopefully Thursday 10pm UK, 5pm Eastern),
Health & happiness,
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  • Hi Gordon,

    My partner’s parents were survivors and their story is amazing. They were in Poland and lost most of their family in the holocaust. They had friends that owned a farm and they lived in a barn on that farm for two and a half years. The conditions were terrible. They lived with animals and there were five people surviving there. They had one bucket of water a day for washing and drinking and they were considered to be lucky to live in such fine conditions. They ate most of the time sharing one large bowl of potato soup. which they shared one spoon at a time a day. They only lived so they could tell their story to the world and they did!

    You have a wonderful week,

    • It’s hard to imagine what people actually went through – the personal stories get somewhat lost in the sheer weight of numbers. Thanks for sharing that story, glad they got to tell the world, and we’re still listening,

  • First the not so nice. My dad fought over in Europe during WWII with a division under General Patton. He talked about how they made it all the way to Munich Germany. Also he witnessed another one of those nasty concentration camps. The bodies were so decomposed that the stench could be felt for blocks (overwhelming horrific smell). The only thing the Allied troops could do at the time was make long trenches to bury the pile heaps of the decayed bodies by pushing them in those trenches with bull dozers and then cover them over with dirt (unimaginable).

    For the nice – Fantastic offer and enticement to sign-up, I’m in! Also looking forward to the Superbowl 🙂

    • Hi Michel,
      Due to family dynamics I have little knowledge of what my ancestors did, but am fascinated to hear others’ stories. I saw one documentary about the films made by the armies as they liberated these camps, and indeed the grim task of mass burials ( a lot of which was made to be done by the SAS members who had murdered them)
      Thanks as ever for stopping by, this weekend’s game could be a cracker!