The Great Gordino Newsletter – Jul 28th 2015

I hope all is well with you.

Ok, so you may remember from my last newsletter, I said I wasn’t sure about the newsletter, that when I started it first time around way back over a decade ago, it was pretty much the way to go, but that nowadays, with social media everywhere, I’m not sure if me just summarising what I’ve put on social media serves any purpose.

However, while I struggle with that view, the idea of stopping it completely feels wrong – that’s a good thing and shows what happens when things become habit, so here’s today’s issue at least…

Last week I had a great evening, just lovely.

I had seen a video in someone’s FB feed a while back with a clown singing with a great voice, calling himself Puddles Pity Party. Here’s that video…

As I often do with videos like this showing me a new act, I sought out his website, and then found he was coming to London as part of his tour! I investigated the show, and found it was a small cabaret venue in London – I booked up pretty much right away!

I didn’t find out too much about his show beforehand, wanted it to be a surprise, and it was a *nice* surprise!

"Gordon Bryan"
It’s a real cabaret act – he is silent apart from the singing, he gets people up on stage for comedy bits, and what a voice! At 6’8’’ tall he has a commanding presence, which you’d expect.

At the end of the show it comes up on screen that he’d love people to come outside and get a picture taken, which I duly did. That kind of engagement with people really builds a fan base, and he has a bucket load of followers everywhere!

Oh, I had a great time – it really pushed my performer buttons, and I felt more than a twinge of envy about the act he had, and the pleasure it brought. Hard work though – after his run in London finished on the Saturday, he had a gig on Monday this week in Canada, and then will be back over here for a run at the Edinburgh Festival – that kind of schedule really is hard work.

"Puddles Pity Party"
Did I tell you I had a good time!! 😉

"Gordon Bryan" "The Great Gordino"
Here are 3 pics – one onstage, I didn’t take many, as he moves about quite a bit, and I also wanted to enjoy watching the show rather than spend the whole time taking photos of it! Then 2 from his meet and greet – nice to meet you Puddles!

Ok, that’s it for this time!

‘Til Next Time,
health & happiness,
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  • Hi Gordon,

    Great newsletter Gordon. I like the way you’re doing it in a post. I think I’ll do mine the same way if that is OK with you. It’s much nicer than an e-mail, more personable.

    Puddles Pity Party put on a wonderful show. I can’t believe how tall he is. Standing next to you he looks like a basket ball player, one of the taller one’s. I see you enjoyed the show and thank you for sharing it with us. He has a terrific voice.

    You have an awesome night and weekend ahead!


    • Thanks Linda,
      I hadn’t really known what to expect for the full show, but went there expecting to enjoy it, and I sure did! He *is* a big chap! Ha!