The Great Gordino Newsletter – July 20th 2012

I hope all is well with you!

Well, the London Olympics are looming large now, so expect that to feature a fair bit in upcoming writing!

My ticket arrived for the beach volleyball. Of course it isn’t on a beach, it’s on Horse Guards Parade. I guess that’s a sort of nod to our beaches, as there may well be horse poo underneath the sand.

The event goes on even in the rain, and I did post on Facebook that I was looking forward to seeing an Argentinian woman, getting up and trying to flick wet sand and horse poo off her scantily clad body, and I would should ‘YEAH, THAT’S FOR THE FALKLANDS!’

Before being dragged away and beaten to a pulp by the army forces drafted in as security.

Oh yes, the security drama – Last week the government had to announce they were drafting over 3000 troops to serve as security, as the private security firm could not meet the deadlines.


Even at the beginning of the week the ministers were saying every aspect had been monitored and things were fine, and yet by Wednesday it was clearly not fine. I suspect heads will roll, since London is top of the terrorists target lists.

I saw plenty of documentaries about the Olympics, past and present, all fuelling my passion for the history and goal achievement aspects of the thing.

That was brought close to home today as the torch came past the end of my road.

There were loads of people there! Not sure how many are really that interested in the Olympics, but if the organisers wanted to galvanise some sort of attention, the relay certainly does that! A real atmosphere of being friendly and excited, and then flash, the torch was by and gone, onto the next road, and the next.

I was amazed how many kids I had to push out of the way to get my picture. I did hear one shout ‘Mummy Mummy, that man just pushed me over!’

To which I replied ‘No I didn’t, she fell, and anyway what a stupid place to put a wheelchair’

As for my $101,000 challenge, well it’s been another busy week! I’ve updated the blog opt ins, to put everyone on my Great Gordino list. Lots of internet marketing theory says I shouldn’t do that, that I should keep it separate, but I like to keep the personal connection, so I’m going with keeping it all in one for now.

I’ve seen some sales of my audio training ‘How To Make $30 Per Blog Post’ plus my kindle romance/erotica book ‘Lighting The Flame’
This weekend I’m aiming to revamp my ‘Make Money From Sport’ guide, and also create another training ‘How To Make Money Clowning Around On Facebook’. I’m not sure whether to make that an audio or an ebook yet.

Ok, onwards and upwards – do feel free to give me your feedback, like, share, tweet etc, and I’ll sing off by wishing you, as ever.

Health & Happiness!
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