The Great Gordino Newsletter – July 24th 2012

I hope all is well with you. In this issue I’m talking Olympic Opening Ceremony secrets, plus an update on the $101,000 Challenge, putting all my products in one place…

Last night I was up at the Olympic Park in London. Well, I say last night, I was actually there in the afternoon, as there is some serious queuing to get in, and that’s just into the Park!
Olympic Opening Ceremony

I was there for the technical rehearsal for Friday’s Opening Ceremony, and it was also a test of the logistics of getting everyone in and out.
As for details of the show?

Er, no.

They asked everyone there not to spoil the surprise. With all the speed of technology today, I’m sure there will be some idiots who will delight in spoiling it, but not me! If you want to know about the show, join the estimated 1 billion people watching on Friday!

I *can* talk about the Olympic Park though – it’s huge!
Olympic Park London
Queues were long, both to get in the park, and for anything once inside. I was surprised they didn’t let people into the Park earlier, as all that did was build up queues. Presumably during the games it will be more open, but standing in the blazing sun for 40 minutes wasn’t my idea of fun!

They did say there would be places to fill up with water, as we were only allowed to take in 100ml. As it happens, no-one checked how much liquid I had, and the water facilities were a row of tiny water fountains – rather had the feel of a camp site to be honest.

The scale of the whole thing really is massive. You don’t appreciate from pictures how big it all is, and the sheer number of people involved is amazing, let alone the number of people in the show itself!

My brother is performing in the show, which is how I got a ticket. As it happened I got a seat which gave a great view of his position, so that was really nice. All in all, a fun trip, and I was really pleased to be able to go.

It’s a goal achievement extravaganza! All those thousands and thousands of people, each with their own tale, from the volunteers, to the army security, to the show performers.

My brother, for example – lots of auditions, lots of rehearsing, fitting all that in with the travelling and everything else around a full time job, and why? Because he wanted to! Saw the opportunity, decided to do it, put in the effort needed.

I’ve written about that formula once or twice over the years!

I’m in full on Olympic mode with my articles as well, which won’t be a surprise!
Here are two I wrote since the last newsletter:
Goal Achievement – Here’s Hoping For Helen!
The Vicious Pounding Of Victoria Pendleton!

As for the $101,000 Challenge, I have been updating my site. I’ve created a page which has short details and links to my products, and have included the updated Make Money from Sport guide, so that’s what I’ve been doing with that this week.
There are 5 products, and 2 services up there.

If you fancy having a look, here’s the page, called My Products.

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‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
P.S. My motivational book now only $2.99! ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’

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  • Hi Gordon

    Thanks for the update re the Olympic Stadium it looks great. I also appreciate your other post I have 2 blogs but think I might link them and just concentrate on the one.

    Great to see you keeping up with your goals.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Nicky,
      I was amazed by the size of the whole Olympic Park, even though I knew it was big, you don’t appreciate it til you are there.
      I am never sure about joining/splitting sites either.

      I see advice saying don’t combine them, and when I see isolated sites I can see the logic – however, some high ranking sites in the IM field are blogs which *do* combine the personal and business, so I guess it’s whatever suits!
      Hmm, that’s another article topic right there! Ha!
      Cheers, Gordon