The Great Gordino Newsletter – Jun 11th 2012


I hope all is well with you.

It’s a short newsletter this week, because I had some good article ideas, and I couldn’t decide which one to focus on for a newsletter, or whether to turn them into articles.

In the end I decided to go for the article route, and I’ll tell you in a bit what they are about.

I also conducted a new experiment this week – well, I call it an experiment, in fact it was just trying a new chocolate bar. Whenever chocolate catches my eye that I haven’t tried before, I give it a good once over, followed by a good ‘second over’ to see if I fancy trying it.

This bar is made by Lindt, and it’s dark chocolate with sea salt. I have so far not been tempted to try the chocolate with chilli, but the salt idea appealed, because I remember trying chocolate covered crisps, ooh, must be 20 years ago now.

So, I tried this new chocolate with sea salt. To start with it just tastes like dark chocolate, but then you get to a grain of salt, and the sensation changes.
I’m not convinced, I have to say.

If you are caught between eating chocolate or a bag of crisps, then this might do the job, but apart from that I think I’ll stick to the regular chocolate. I bought two bars as it was on offer, so I will have to finish both bars just to check my verdict stands up…

So, here are the ideas I’ll be using for some new articles…

– The transit of Venus across the sun, and how it was used in the past and the present by scientists.
– Journalism and not believing facts without some simple checking.
– Olympic selection, sports politics and factors outside your control.

Ok, I did say it was a short one, I’m off for another bite of that salty chocolate…

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
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