The Great Gordino Newsletter – Jun 9th 2014

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A few things in the news in the last week –

– We had the State Opening of Parliament this week. The Queen goes to Parliament and presents what ‘her’ government will do in the next Parliament. Crowns, full royal outfits, carriages, the works.

Many people see it as horribly outdated, but there are some important points. There is a ritual where The Queen’s representative goes to summon the MPs to hear her, but they shut the door on him, and then they decide to let him in.

This is key, as it shows that the government makes the decisions, not the monarch, and it’s that model has given the country stability for hundreds of years, that other countries can only dream of.

Then The Queen, well into her 80s, went to France for a State visit, and this included attending events to mark 70 years since the D-Day Landings. Such an important event in World War 2, and I found it very moving to see and hear the veterans talk of their experiences.

The next day the papers were covered with the story of Bernard Jordan, a veteran who had gone missing from his care home, only to turn up at the beaches to join in the anniversary.

It turns out he had missed out on an official trip, so the care home said it wasn’t possible for him to go. So, he told them he was going for a walk, but hopped on a coach and made his own way to France. A very British story, and the papers lapped it up!

Something I saw less of in the papers was the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, on June 4th. Because that’s what it was, a massacre, when the Chinese authorities ordered troops to open fire on unarmed protestors in the square.

It changed China, because the ruling communist party knew they had to relax some rules. As it happened they relaxed business rules more than personal freedom rules, so we have the strange situation where China is one of the world’s biggest economies, but still one of most secretive, authoritarian regimes.

I wonder if that’s why it was not in the news much, so as not to upset the Chinese?
The world’s press were not allowed anywhere near the square on the 4th, and typing it into a search engine in China showed zero results.

I saw a news item on Facebook which pushed my buttons. I’ve been a fan of the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes for maybe 25 years? The story this week focused on the creator, Bill Watterson, and the goal achievement lesson demonstrated by a cartoonist today. The story unfolded last week, and there’s an article I wrote about it below.

On the internet marketing front, in the process of creating my project FB Passion Profits, about using social media to make money from your passions, I thought it would be a good idea to make a free report going over the basics.

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Here are the fuller articles from this week from stories I’ve touched on-

Goal Achievement – A Calvin & Hobbes Classic!

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D-Day, 70 Years Ago

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