The Great Gordino Newsletter – June 16th 2014

I hope all is well where you are.

So, the World Cup has finally started – hooray!
I know some people don’t like football, and despair at a month’s worth of coverage, so I apologise if you’re one of those, but I love it!

The first one I watched was back in 1974 (yes, I know I know) and I had to watch it without England, who had failed to qualify!

Then in 1978 England failed to qualify again! What was going on, that was no good for a 12 year old football fan! In fact I had to wait until I was 16 too see England kick a ball at the world cup, which is what makes it all the more exciting when England *are* there.

It’s one of the biggest sporting events on the planet so as a sports fan and a football fan, it draw me like a moth to a flame!

As I write, I’ve seen 11 matches in 4 days, with no goalless draws, in fact no draws at all! Normally the first games ca be cagey affairs with teams desperate not to lose, but this time around the football has been attacking and open.

England’s first game went the way as might have been expected – we played quite well, but lost. The end could be nigh already, but you never know…

"Sam Kelly"The British actor Sam Kelly died this week. The online outpouring of grief was notably absent, it seemed to reach fever pitch following the recent death of one comedy actor Rik Mayall, but barely a squeak over Sam Kelly, who had achieved just as much success in some well loved British comedy sitcoms. I loved his default ‘gormless’ face, and it’s one I’ve used myself over many years, although some people might not realise when I was putting it on!

In the world of the movies, the much awaited new Star Wars edition has been hit with an injury worry, as Harrison Ford was injured on set while shooting in Britain. He comes in for a lot of stick, I’m not sure why as he’s been in some great films, and is a great story of creating your own luck by being in the right place at the right time.

"Harrison Ford"
He posted a picture of himself after the accident, which made me smile, and he seems to be able to laugh about the whole thing. Reports say he sprained his ankle, then it was reported it was broken. Then reports say he hurt his pelvis, then reports of rib problems, so who knows what really happened, although the picture would suggest nothing too serious. Seems he might miss up to 8 weeks filming, which can be costly on a film of that scale. (bet it makes it back at the box office though!)

If you remember me saying the first world cup I saw was in 1974, you won’t be surprised to read that I remember the *first* Star Wars film, and was probably slap bang in the right age group to be blown away by it. The sheer size and scale of it did indeed wow me, I was very impressed!

I enjoyed the 3 ‘prequel’ movies, which got a decidedly mixed reception, and I suspect that these 3 new moves, even with original cast members, will get a good old pasting by critics and/or fans, but I’m really looking forward to them and will enjoy them even if I don’t enjoy them (if that makes sense!)

I’ve covered sport, comedy and the movies in this issue. I love all three, they are a bit of a passion for me, and tie in perfectly with my new report, which goes over the basics of how you can use social media to turn your own passions into online profits.

"Gordon Bryan"

I called it FB Passion Profits – The Basics, and it’s a prelude to the book I’m currently in the process of writing.

If you fancy taking a look at the free report, you can grab it here!

Ok, that’s it for today, do let me know what you think!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. Here’s that free report link again: FB Passion Profits – The Basics!

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