The Great Gordino Newsletter – Mar 24th 2015

"Gordon Bryan"Hi,
I hope all is well with you.

The Spring Equinox has rolled around, as it tends to every year. Personally I get that smell in the air of spring way before now, but the marking in the calendar seems to bring a psychological change, a change in expectation.

As someone who’s written about goal achievement and self improvement for years, I find it fascinating that a date on a calendar can bring such a change in attitudes – why can’t attitudes be changed by *other* things, things that we can put in place ourselves?

The answer to that, is that they can! It’s been a key foundation to my theories over the years, and you’ll see it loud and clear in my book from 2003 (link at bottom!)

Something else that tied in with the Spring Equinox was a solar eclipse being visible in my part of the world. Well…

I say my part of the world, because some parts of the UK did get nice views, my part of the UK, in the south east, we got clouds!

It was a lovely clear sky by about 2.30pm, but that was 5 hours too late for the eclipse. It did get a bit darker at 9.30am , but to be honest since it was so cloudy it just looked like it was going to chuck it down, and any extra darkness was impossible to tie in to the eclipse.

Oh well, I’ll keep my memories of 1999, and wait until the next good one in the UK, which I think is 2026. Who knows where our adventures will have taken us by then eh!

"King Richard III"
Something else that happened this week, was the journey of a King. A dead King.
Richard III to be precise. His remains were taken on a procession, finishing at Leicester Cathedral, where they lie as I write, waiting for the reburial on Thursday 23rd.

It’s a fascinating story, both of his villainous image, cemented by Shakespeare’s play, and the story of finding him.

It had been a long plan to try and find the body, and the stories about what had happened to him lead the archaeologists to believe he might be underneath a government office car park.

They had to start digging somewhere, so they began a trench under a car parking space marked with a big letter ‘R’.

Right in that first dig down, they found a leg bone, then a whole skeleton, with a curved back and head wounds. They did a DNA test comparing against the closest known descendant, and there was a match.

After a row between where he was to be reburied, which went to court, we arrive in 2015 and the trip to Leicester.

Imagine what he would have said back in the 1480s if someone had said he would be reburied well over 600 years in the future! That’s like someone today being reburied in the 2600s! He would have laughed (then probably had the person who said it killed as a witch).

He was the last of the 300 year Plantagenet dynasty, and he was succeeded by Henry, the first of the Tudors, and looked what impact *they* had!

Ok, do let me know what you think, and feel free to share the newsletter if you think others might enjoy it!

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