The Great Gordino Newsletter – May 26th 2014

I hope today’s newsletter finds you well.

We had elections here in the UK, both for local councils, and to elect our members of the European Parliament. A year out from our General Election it’s an interesting barometer of the political leanings of the voters. The UKIP party got a lot of votes, and while protest voting as not unusual at these elections, that party is bedding down now in the consciousness of the voters, so the other parties are now having to address the issues they previously haven’t – namely immigration.

There was only a 35% turnout, and this kind of thing always makes me think about standing again next year. I probably won’t, but my idea is such a good one I do like to put it out there!

I went to a new dentist this week. I prepared by stuffing as much chocolate down my face as I could, only for him to say nothing needed doing! He did agree with me that the previous dentist has not been doing a good job at all with the quality of some of the fillings, but he said he couldn’t do anything until they broke totally. I’m not entirely sure how comforting that is, but either way I celebrated by stuffing as much chocolate down my face as I could!

During the week there was a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube. I wrote an article about it, which you can see here:
Rubik’s Cube – 40 Years Of Throwing Them Through Windows!

There was a court ruling this week, that King Richard III would be buried in Leicester. Yes, the King Richard III that died in battle in 1485! His skeleton was discovered under a car park a couple of years ago, and he was set for a ‘proper’ burial in Leicester.

Then there was a legal challenge by distant relatives, who said the he was Richard of York, and should be buried in York. The court ruled against that, saying he had been buried in Leicester for over 500 years, so should be laid to rest there. Lots of talk about proper burial of a King, less discussion of him usurping the throne in the first place, and possibly/probably killing the 2 young Princes to keep ‘his’ crown.

Of course, that’s the way things were done back then, the context is everything.

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